Sunday, August 24, 2014


Hey everyone!! Had an awesome week this week! But this email is going to have to be kind of short cause we didn't have power all morning so I couldn't write but now the powers on so I have a couple minutes! So this week Marta committed to be baptized!! AND so did ISAAC the plan is on the 30th of this month. They have to attend sacrament 3 Sundays and they have already been twice so I'm feeling good about their baptisms! Marta and her daughter want to be baptized more than anything. We had a lesson with them yesterday after church just to check up and see if they had any questions for us. The question the daughter asked was when can I get baptized? She's only nine years old, but she already knows this church is true. The holy ghost has already testified to her this is the thing she needs to do in her life! I thought that was really cool!!! Also Isaac is doing awesome as well! We had lessons with his whole family but they all stopped listening. But he always wanted to hear more. He's 15. He wants to be baptized too. He said that when he reads the BOM he feels this peace come over his whole body. He said it was a feeling he's never felt before. He loves learning about the Holy Ghost. Whenever we share scriptures about the Holy Ghost he says "That's it! That's the feeling I get!" Its really special to be teaching him. We asked his parents if he could be baptized and they said yes. But about a month ago they said "I don't want Isaac to have lessons with those Mormons, they are bad people" or something like that. But we kept on pushing and now he is going to be baptized. How cool is that! And now we're trying to have lessons with his parents again! But they keep on saying no. But were not going to give up until we feel like we've done all we can. This week I also had the opportunity to go on splits with the Zone Leader. I learned a lot of new ways to teach. And I can't wait to use those new skills. He only has 3 months left in his mission but he's awesome. He also helped me a lot with my Spanish. So no really cool stories this week. Just the power stinks here. Well I love you guys! I'll see you in 7 days!!!!

Love Elder Hess

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Hey My beautiful family =) HAHA jk. So it's been a really good week! Did I tell you guys about Marta? The lady who walked up to us and asked what exactly we did? I think I did. But anyways she attended church! And she said she loved every second of it! She even shared her testimony. She said she knows this church is true. She shared a story in church that I thought was so cool. So one day she was praying and was asking Our Heavenly Father which church was true. And if the Libro De Mormon was true as well. She said the second she opened her eyes she heard two voices outside. "BUENAS!!" Elder Chapeton and I. She said I know God answered my prayer that this church is true. Seriously how cool is that story. She shared it with us for the first time on Sunday and I was blown away. The spirit was crazy strong too. It's moments like this that makes me so proud to be apart of this church and share this gospel with the world. I know with all my heart this church is true. So this week we were teaching a less active member who hasn't been to church in forever. He said he doesn't believe in God because he's had so many problems in his life. I shared with him some very deep stories that I've had in my life. I talked about Dad, Laurie, Rick, Grandma and Grandpa and Chandler. I explained that I don't know why things happen. I don't know why God took my dad when I was so young. He was my best friend. I don't know why this life can be so hard at times. But I do know that God loves you more than you will ever know. And he would never give you a challenge that you can't overcome. The spirit was so strong and everyone in the room had tears in their eyes. Well anyways the next Sunday he attended church! He was so happy! He's praying again and said he's going to try to change his life back to the gospel. A great experience!

Ok well the title of this is No Hay Luz because every night this week Honduras cut the power in our area to save energy. They don't have any energy because they sell energy to the rest of Central America. And we can't work when there's no power. So everyday this week we've had to be in our house at 7. I hate it. I want to go to work so bad but we can't. But it's for the good because yesterday someone was killed really close to our house about 15 minutes after the power was cut. And the rumor is the water is going to be cut too any day now. If that happens I have no clue what we're going to do. We would all smell sooo bad hahaha. Ok well I love you all!!!
Keep it real back in the 801!

The missionary is going to be ok!!!! Yeah we have candles. I bought so many they cost 5 cents a piece. And they're big too! And yeah I have my flashlight! It's helped so much! And I can't go to bed early we have to wait til 10:30 which I don't understand why. And yeah I only drink bottled water I promise! The tap water smells like crap and has crap in it haha! It's in Pizza Hut! We had to go on a bus just to get there but it was all worth it just for the wings!! My spanish keeps on getting better too mom! I have not gotten the package, we get packages on Tuesday! So Maybe tomorrow! I'm about 30 minutes away from the mission home, I'm really close actually. I love you mom!!!

Love Elder Hess

Sure hope that's not where he lives :/ 

Pizza Hut chicken wings! He's so happy! Me too!

Missionary pinata!