Thursday, October 29, 2015


Had a great week this week. To start off this Email I want to talk about a picture that I said I was going to post last week. Well this picture was taken in Copan. The picture is actually kind of famous in the mission! President Dester even asked for it. Well as you can see, the Lady in the picture looks so Happy. She actually had tears running down her face. Her name is Sister Sandra. She was an Atheist her whole life. Not only did she not believe in God. She hated people who did believe in God. Well we knocked on her door one day and we were very stubborn and would not leave her alone until she let us give her a lesson about Our Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ. Well we all now know how it ended. She was converted and was baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ. The only Church the Christ Leads personally. Four months later Sister Sandra is now the Primary President in Copan. She actually called me the other day to let me know about her new calling. She said she loves it because she gets to teach the Gospel in a simple way. She actually said, "I teach the Gospel just like you taught me Elder Hess, in a simple but Powerful way." It made me so happy when she told me that! Alright so I'll go into the picture details now. Sister Sandra was in Darkness for about all of her life. She really was missing the light of Christ. In this picture right after her baptism she has "The light of Christ." Her face is glowing with his light. It's not photo shopped. It's real and it's my favorite mission picture. I love this Gospel. In the New Testament in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 5 versus 14 and 16 say "Ye are the light of the World. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid." "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven." I know and I testify that Sister Sandra is part of that City on top of the Hill. This is the Church of Jesus Christ, it is the Church he established 2,000 years ago. A Prophet named Joseph Smith Restored this true Church though the Power of our Father and his Son Jesus Christ. I love this Church. But more than anything else. I love my Savior. I know he died for me and bled from every pore. Just for me. And he did the same for you. SHINE YOUR LIGHT. We are the city that is on top of the Hill. We have and know the truth. Share this truth with everyone you can. It will only make you happier. I love my mission. And I love my God for calling me to serve. WE ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.

Sister Sandra baptism

Thursday, October 22, 2015


This past week I had the opportunity to go on Divisions with an Elder named Elder Olivas. OH MAN did I have the best time of my life. He is such a good missionary. To start the day we had a lesson with a girl named Paola. It was the weirdest lesson ever because she actually read the whole pamphlet and took notes and read every scripture. HAHAHA that never ever happens! Every question we asked her she knew the answer and we were just sitting there like "UH.... You already know everything haha.¨ She actually is going to get baptized this upcoming Saturday!:) And I'm going to do the interview:) SO I am excited to see her and feel her testimony again. Ok so second lesson. We visited some less actives and it was one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever had. The Family that we were teaching said that they don't go to church anymore because they are sick of being made fun of and being spit on and having rocks thrown at them for being a member of this Church. Well I talked about Christ and how his life was never ever easy but he kept pushing until he finished his perfect life. But they didn't really relate to it. I was a little lost and I was thinking "What do they need, what is it that THEY need to hear." Well, Elder Olivas was up. This is what he said "Going to Church is like when somebody is really hungry. When we are Hungry we eat." He then went on to say "Personally when I am hungry I want a big Pizza. But to get my Pizza I have to get up and walk to the Pizza restaurant and sometimes it is pouring rain. But that does not change the fact that I am hungry and that I want my Pizza. So what do I do?? I walk to the restaurant and get drenched. When I arrive I sit down and Enjoy every second of the Pizza. I walk out with a smile on my face and a full stomach.¨ He went on to Explain that's how church is. How it's not easy. But in the end it is all worth it. And eventually the sun will always come out. OK so saying it in English sounds so weird so I hope you guys get what I'm trying to say haha! Well the family was in tears and they all said "you're right... I want The Lord in my life and nothing can or will take him out of my life.¨ Long story short they all went to church this Sunday with huge smiles on their faces with a very full spirit. Being from Utah we don't really get attacked for being a member of this church. But the people down here are worriers and don't let a little egg slow them down. SOY MORMON! It was such a strange example but it touched every one's heart. I could feel the spirit so strong during his whole example that he shared with us! Its been a great week! Lots of ups and downs with the Goozman Family.. But we are working through it. I'll just say they looked up a Prophet on the internet and read a lot of garbage.. But light will always overcome darkness. In fact I have a picture I want to send you guys. But I'll have to send it to you next week! I love you guys!

Love Elder Hess

The view

Elder Olivas

Waiting for the bus


The boys


Well this weekend we contacted a ton! For like 5 hours a day.. We are trying to find a whole new group of people to teach! I am feeling good about it! We found someone who is very prepared to listen to our message. He went to church and loved it! He wants to get baptized! So I am very excited about that! He was actually a referral! His brother called us over and started off, the first lesson went great! After the lesson when we were walking out of the house the brother who is a member came running out to us and said Elders Wait. He stopped us and gave us both a huge bear hug. With tears in his eyes he said "Elders Thank you so much for sharing your message with my brother. You two are going to change his life for all of eternity!" It was a very touching moment for me. I loved it. It made me realize how we should treat every investigator that we have. We are all children of God. And we are all very important. Well that was the Highlight of my week! I love you guys!!!!

Love Elder Hess

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


How is everyone doing in good Ol AMERICA! Wow, I just feel happy right now! I am currently writing this Email with a HuGe smile on my face:) How good was Conference... I loved it so much! I took a billion notes!! I learned so much. I wish more than anything that I understood the importance of General Conference when I was home.. It can build ones faith so much if they listen and study the words of the Prophets. I love our Prophet Thomas S. Monson so much. I know he is a Prophet of God. I know that God has called him to guide his people here on the earth. ALL of us should study and listen to his words. He has all of the Keys in this Church and he will not lead us down a wrong path. Well I loved the Talk by Elder Holland so much. It even made me cry a little. It talks about all the Mothers in the World. MOM, I want you to know that I love you and that I am so thankful that you raised me into a missionary in the Lord's Church. You are the best Mom on the Planet:) I'm sad its going to be another 6 months until the next Conference. I am so excited for it! This week was a good one! We focused a lot on working with the less actives in our area! It is always sad to talk to a member who has let go of the Iron Rod, but there is always a path back! We are trying to show them that path. We actually got a couple of them to go to Conference:) I love this Church so much. It is perfect, why? Because it is the Lord's Church. He guides it. He is the one that gives the Prophet's revelation. We are the only church on earth who has that wonderful blessing. We all need to go to Church as much as we can. We all need to take the Sacrament. I invite all of you to read the Sacrament Prayers and to study them. I think it might help you understand the importance of the Sabbath day. Well I love you Guys!:) Have a great week!!

GC gringo room:)