Monday, June 22, 2015


Yoo Whoo! SO I want to start this Email off by saying Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there! But more than anything to my Dad:) I love you so much Dad and I could not be more thankful for everything that you have done for me!:) And for all the things that you are still doing for me. My cousin Abbie sent me a really awesome Email, and I want to share with everyone what she said. "I am happy for the Father that created me, and for the two Fathers that raised me." When I read that it really did touch me. I have three fathers in my life and I could not feel more blessed. The three best Dads in the World. Happy Father's Day Guys:) Alright so we had a great week this week! The baptisms all went through!! WOOO! And we took some amazing pics so I'll make sure to send those when I can. Not right now because I forgot my camera. Yeah, I know. They were all so happy after their baptism and Sister Chenny shared her testimony with us after the service. It was so strong. I could feel her power, it was crazy. The best part was after the baptism 2 of our investigators who went said "I'm ready for this step in my life." I've learned that bringing investigators to baptisms is the best thing in the world to help build their testimony when they are having doubts over any little thing. This week we found a lot of news and 2 of them have told us that they want to be baptized. I am so excited!! WOO! Also I don't have changes. So I will be here for another 6 weeks! Living the Copan Dream! Oh so on a crappy note. All of my clothes have this Black awful Fungus growing on them.. SO today I spent like 5 hours (not kidding 5 hours) washing all my clothes by hand... But they are all better now:) I hope.. Well that's about it! Love you guys!

Love Elder Hess

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Well I think Megan and Lexi are the only ones that will understand my title but whatever haha! Ok so not too much happened this week. I was only in my area for 2 days because I did divisions Tuesday. Went to do divisions Wednesday. Went to San PedroThursday. Did more Divisions Friday and did more divisions Saturday... Yeah what the heck. And I was never in my area for any of the divisions, but I had a good week and learned a lot:) I had a fun time in San Pedro:) We had a leadership Conference and President Dester spoke. So the Spirit was really strong:) I love going to San Pedro so much. It really is such a thrill to be there. Everything is so Crazy and dangerous haha! I was there for like 5 hours and in that 5 hours some old guy grabbed me and was screaming at me to help him haha. I just gave him a little push to get him off me. And that was that. Pretty funny though. So good news with Chenny! She is going to be baptized this Saturday with her daughter! WOOO! But her Husband no.. We are still working on the Word of Wisdom with him. But with time he will be a member of this church! Church this Sunday was great:) Gave a talk (didn't know I had a talk until he called my name at the beginning of sacrament), gave the Sunday School class, and then gave the Elders Quorum lesson, and then did Tithing, and then Cleaned the Whole Church. So it was a fun Sunday:) I love all of you guys so much! Have an awesome week!!

Love Elder Hess

Elder Chapeton (My Trainer)

Elder Perry (One of my BFFs in the Mish)

And Elder Coe De New Zealand. Also my BFF for life;)

No I'm not in Africa

New puppy at the Hernandez home:)


Just what everyone wants to find on their bed right before they go to sleep.
I didn't sleep all night because I was so scared... I HATE spiders.


Hey Y'all:) Well this week was so crazy. So much happened. I'll sum it up then I'll go into detail. We built a mud house. Married a couple (in the Church), built a street (as in road), and saved like 20 houses from flooding. Ok so first, building the mud house was so cool! It is crazy how they do it down here! What they do is form mud out of wood boxes (about 2 and a half feet long). From there you let the mud dry for two days. Then you just stack them like you are playing legos! To stick the blocks together we used more mud as a cement to hold everything together nice and tight! Really cool. Cant wait too see the end result. I'll send you pics when it's all done:) Ok so Chenny and her husband got married!!! It was so cool! We had the wedding in the Church. The weddings here are a lot different hahaha! Basically you just sign a paper in front of everyone and that's it. It's not really a party type thing. But after the wedding they handed out Chinese food to everyone:) So that was really yummy! Their baptism is this Saturday. But it turns out El Chao (the Husband) is addicted to smoking. He never told us until now. So right now we are deciding if we should just baptize Chenny and her Daughter Dixie or if we should wait until he stops smoking... Really hard situation. But we are helping him as much as we can to stop smoking! He has already stopped drinking coffee so we have a lot of faith that he can stop smoking:) Ok as for the street that we are making. It's hard work because there are no tools to help us, we just use our bare hands to get the job done. First we have to level the road. And then move huge rocks and place them in the road so we don't use a lot of cement. From there we just drop  a ton of cement on it to level it all out. Really cool. Doing service is one of my favorite parts of my mission:) And for the Flooding. The biggest rain storm of the year hit this Wednesday. It was coming down so hard.. At first it was really cool! We couldn't even hear each other talk because it was coming down so hard. We were walking to a lesson that we had planned but we got stopped by a little kid who was trying to dig a ditch so the water didn't flood his house. He was trying to make the water flow in another direction. Well, at first we weren't that worried but then the rain started coming down twice as hard. Then we realized, "Ah flip it really is going to flood all the houses." We dropped all of our stuff and started digging. We did that for an hour and a half and saved all of the houses:) Other than that we had a lot of great lessons and got most of our investigators to church yesterday:) It was a really good week! Well I love you all!! Hope you guys understand this Email haha! 

Love Elder Hess

The Road were building

Right before it started dumping down!

Saving the houses from Flooding



The Wedding:)


So as a missionary you teach and testify every day the power of the Priesthood. And the importance of Prophets and Apostles (Amos 3:7) So when I heard the news about Elder Perry it was really sad for me. One of the 12 apostles of the Savior had past away. I remember thinking while I was working that day "Why is nobody sad? How come no one knows about his passing?" But then a thought came into my mind and it just told me. "That is why you are here Elder Hess. To let the people know of the Power and Authority that we have in this Church." We are the only true Church on this earth and we are the only Church who has the power of God. It really does work miracles. I have seen so many miracles in my mission, it blows my mind. I'll give an example that just happened. The other day we had a lesson with a really awesome Family! They all want to be baptized. But they have to get married first for them to do it. And there is no way they can pay for it. So after the lesson it was time to have dinner 8'clock. As we were walking home an American yells "ELDERS." He ran up to us and told us he was from Utah! A member. He invited us to Dinner and of course we said yes, I was about to Die of hunger.. We talked about a lot of things. Like why he is here, what he is doing and little things like that. Then he asked about the investigators. I told him about the family who we just taught and he said I'll tell you what Elders. Get them a set Baptismal date and I'm going to pay for the wedding. He said don't tell them you are going to pay for the wedding until you know they are ready to be baptized, because he wanted it to be a True conversion process. I couldn't have agreed more. I was so happy I had tears running down my eyes. And then on the Spot, he gave us 500$ to pay for the wedding. So the next day we passed by their house again and they told us "Elders, were going to sell the house and move into a smaller one just to have the money to get married so we can be baptized." I could not believe it.... I told them the great news and they all started to cry. They could not believe it. They were so happy. All crying with HUGE smiles on their faces. There is going to be a lot of left over money so we are just going to donate it to the missionary fund here in the branch. God puts us all in the spots that we need to be in, in the right timing too. God is always making miracles happen and helping out his children. I love this church so much. I love our Father In Heaven. I know that he is always watching us. I love you all. Love Elder Hess

The moon has a ring around it every night here.. Cool

Mud houses (really nice ones)

This is how they make tortillas