Saturday, August 29, 2015


Hey Guys! SO We had another great week! We found a man named Carlos! He is an older man but he is amazing. We found him one day in the street, it was night time so he actually looked pretty scary to talk to haha! I didn't want to talk to him because only the Crazy people are outside at night time.. But the Spirit told us to go over to him and contact him. We asked him where he lived and he just said ¨come here tomorrow at this time and I'll be waiting here.¨ So as a missionary everyone knows he's not actually going to show up.. But we went to the spot the next day at 7 PM and he was there waiting!! Well we actually showed up 20 minutes late and he was still waiting! The lesson went great, the spirit was so strong. We invited him to Church and he showed up the next Sunday. During one of the classes he told the teacher that he wanted to be baptized.... Yeah. I was going crazy I was so happy! He is pure GOLD!  I can't wait to keep on teaching him! He is so humble and he always has REAL questions. I love it so much when people ask us real questions!!! He is great and I really do love him. Also the Family Goozman went to church too!!! The whole family! They seemed to love it. We have a lesson with them tonight (Noche de Hogar) so I'm excited for that! Things are going great! I love you guys!!

Little Member

Elder Ola

Elder Chapeton


Well this was a good week! Starting to get to know the area better and all the Members! Which isn't that hard cause there's only 12.. HAHA but its great! So this week we found an amazing family.. I'll tell you guys a little about our first lesson. So I was on division with this kid in my area named Elder Pocock (From Ogden) his mom actually went to our stake for some reason and took a picture of my missionary picture thing and sent it to him to see if he knew who I was! Small world right! Anyways, we went out to contact at 10:00 and in about an hour in we found them. It is a family of 5 and they could be golden. When we first met her she got super excited and told us to come in. (the MOM) She said "I've always wanted to know more about your church." Well the spirit told us that we should talk about Families. So that's exactly what we did. For about 30 we just talked about families and how they really can be together forever. To finish the lesson we sang the hymn "Las Familias Pueden ser Eternas." During the hymn I couldn't help but cry. That hymn means a lot to me. I think just about all of you know why. But as we sang that hymn the Spirit just took control and everyone could feel that these things were true and that God loves us and that This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And that we are members of his church. It was a special moment for me in my mission. They went to church on Sunday too, and they loved it! Well that's about it for this week! Everyone help the missionaries in your wards! Give them FOOD!!

Love Elder Hess

Monday, August 10, 2015


Well guys I'm in a new area and I have a new Comp!! My area is called Yojoa! It's pretty cool:) It's just so dang HOT!!! Copan was so cool at night.. But here I'm honestly dying. Like I might die of the Heat. One of the Elders here actually got sent to the hospital because he got heat stroke. And he's not allowed to work while the suns out for at least two weeks. So that will give you guys a clue of what we are going through right now haha! But the area is awesome! It's really BIG! We are part of a ward, but we're an extension... So that means we go to the ward but were technically not part of it. If that makes any sense. We have about 12 members! But we are going to work our name tags off so we can help this area grow! My comp is ballin! He's from Guate (No surprise there) HAHA just about every missionary here is from Guatemala hahaha! His name is Elder Roldan! He's cool! He has 20 plus months in the mission! So I feel like all of our lessons go really well! We both have the same thoughts during the lessons so I have a good feeling that we are going to have a lot of fun and Success this change! So some thing that's kind of crazy and scary about this Area is that there are a ton of Dogs here... I've already almost gotten bit 3 times. I actually drilled one in the face though with a rock hahahaha! It was so funny! It actually fell over when I first hit it. I thought I killed it. But it got up and just ran away. I knocked it out for like 4 seconds hahaha! My comp was just like "Do you play baseball?" SO not too much happened this week. Just a lot of traveling and getting to know members and investigators! But it was fun! I'm loving this work!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! And something cool! Elder Vasquez is training!!! So I have a Grandson in the Mish!!!

Saying good bye to Copan

Las Flores Group! 

New companion, Elder Roldan


Had another good week this week But.. The Hermana Belkis fell again with the Word Of wisdom.. Which means she wasn't baptized this Saturday. And I have changes this week too.. So I wont be able to see her get baptized:( I hurt so bad when she told me. We were so close to getting her baptized. I was pretty upset when I realized I wouldn't be able to see her and her family get baptized. But while I was doing my nightly prayers I realized that It doesn't matter if I'm there to see it. It only matters if she's baptized. So I still have a big smile on my face when I think of the Hermana Belkis:) I don't think that I have ever told you guys about her. But one day while we were doing service she came up to us and started to just talk. It was kind of weird because no one does that.. Unless they're Drunk or Crazy. She actually invited us over to her house. Her 2 kids love us so much and want to get baptized so bad! And Sister Belkis actually gave up Coffee in one day after we talked about the Word Of Wisdom. Her problem is something else. It would probably shock you guys if you knew what it was. The good thing is that she still goes to Church every Sunday. Shes also made a lot of friends here. She loves everything about this Church. In one of her Testimonies she said, "I know this Church is true. It just makes sense. I don't get why other people don't get it." HAHAHA That made me laugh. So I'm pretty sad about leaving Copan. It is a very little Branch FULL of Humble People. Just about every member here lives in a Mud House with very few with electricity or none at all. I would say 90 percent of the members live in mud houses. And they are all so happy. Why? Because they have Our Savior Jesus Christ in their lives. They know the truth and they live the truth. They walk the streets with smiles on their faces. You can just tell that they have the light of Christ with them at all times. I love this church so much. I know that it is the only True Church over all the face of the earth. I love you guys. I'll tell you all about my new area next Monday:)

Love Elder Hess

Hermano Manuel. Member

President of the Branch. Love him to death.

This is the mud house that I was helping build about 3 months ago! It's almost finished!!

Monday, August 3, 2015


Hey everyone! So I have no time this week! SO I'll just send everyone some pics of the week!

President of the Mission took us out to eat:) MMMM

President and Sister Dester

Green wall. Elder Canel