Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Well it is so hard to believe that Chandler Webb passed away 2 years ago. I feel like that day was yesterday. That was a really hard day on me 2 years ago. And it is still hard on me 2 years later. I love him to death and I feel so blessed that I have him in my life. He was and still is my Brother. I loved every second with him and he always lifted me up when I was down and put a huge smile on my face. I think 95% of the things we talked about were about the Utah Jazz! I miss him a lot. Well coming to internet today I got many Emails that made me the happiest person on earth. Chandler Webb got his endowments done. What a peaceful feeling that is knowing that he is clean and ready to be standing before Our God. Gracie Amacher sent me a picture with all of the Boys from the Crew standing in front of the Temple after Chandler's endowments. I'm not going to lie, when I was looking at the picture I could not help but cry. I love looking at all of my friends dressed with ties on standing in front of the House of the Lord. I'll send the picture to you guys. I just want to say thank you to Chandler, Brandon, Marsh, Austin, Davis, Parker, Lexi, Kolton, Jordan, Ryan, Braydon, Col and Matt for helping turn me into the man that I am today. I love all of you guys so much. I am the missionary I am today thanks to all of you. Every single one of you guys are part on my family. Thank you, for making me the Elder that I have always wanted to be. I look up to all of you so much. I can't wait to come home and Beat every single one of you guys playing 1 on 1. I love you Chan, you're making me so proud up there. And GO JAZZ!

Well this week Maria got baptized! WOW did I feel like that was a miracle... The missionaries have been passing by her house for 5 years now and she finally decided to get baptized. What a blessing it was. The baptism went great and the following day she received the Holy Ghost. It was amazing. Other than that every thing is going good! I still am trying to improve every single day I am out here. One of the things I really need to work on is to stop drinking Coke. I'm 100% addicted. So if anyone has any tips let me know. Poco a poco va. I love you guys. And I love our Temples.

Baptism of Maria

Crew at Chandler's Endowment

Monday, November 16, 2015


This week went so well for so many reasons! First off, we worked so hard with all of the Members in the ward to try to get some help in our area! We visited just about all of the members in Santa Cruz (the Ward next door) to try to get some help in our area. Because here in Yojoa we only have 3 active members. It's a hard task but we are up for the challenge! Well long story short we had 45 Members come to Yojoa to help us Contact and to Visit the Less Active members in our area. It all went so well! We found around 30 news and visited ALL of the Less active members. It was a very very good Sunday! I am super excited to visit all of the new people that the members found this week!!! OK and now I want to talk about the Brother Muñoz.. He really is the best example to the whole entire world. First I just want to say that since the day we found him, he has not missed a day of Church. He always goes and wears his biggest smile. Brother Muñoz  comes from a very very poor family. This week we learned that he has not eaten for over 5 days. When we were in his house we saw a little fish that was the size of my finger. I asked him what he was going to do with the fish and he told us that he was going to feed it so it would get bigger so he could eat it in about a month. (During all of this it was raining and his house was 100% flooded) We asked him if there was anything that we could do to help him and he said "Lets have a Prayer, because I love praying with you guys!" I was waiting for him to say something like, "I need food" or " I don't have any money"... But no, all he wanted from us was a Prayer. We finished up the lesson and I could not stop thinking about how much faith Bro. Muñoz has.. He has NOTHING in the eyes of the world but in the Eyes of God he has EVERYTHING. He is one of the happiest people that I have ever met. I love him so much and I feel so blessed that he is in my life. I want everyone back at home to remember that the only true happiness comes through this Gospel. The Brother Muñoz is the perfect example for us. He might not have anything, but at the same time he has absolutely everything. I love my mission so much because I love being around people like him. I love you all and I hope you all have an amazing week!!!

Love Elder Hess

Elder Hess and Elder Lorenzaza

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Well I think I had the best Halloween ever out here in Honduras! To start the day off we had 2 amazing lessons in the morning! In the afternoon we also had a couple more awesome lessons. While we were walking to a lesson that we had planned, we walked passed Brother Muñoz house. Guess what he was doing? He was outside reading the Book of Mormon. It was such a good peaceful feeling seeing him Study the Book of Mormon without us being there. I even took a picture from far away haha I'll send it to you! We ended up talking to him for a little bit and just made sure that he was ready to get baptized! He said that everything was perfect! Mas tarde we had his baptism. It went perfect. He gave me the blessing to do the ordinance too. So I felt very blessed. I only had to ¨Dunk¨ him once so that was nice haha! Right after he came out of the Water he turned to me and gave me a BIG BEAR hug. And while he was hugging me he said ¨Thank you, Thank you so much.¨ It was amazing. I love real conversion. It's little experiences like that, that make me love this work. Brother Muñoz, to finish the night off, shared his testimony with us. He said a lot of great things. The part that stuck out the most to me was when he said ¨I am Clean. Thanks to my Savior.¨ I felt the spirit so strong when he shared that with us. It was an amazing Halloween. My comp and I even got dressed up.. we switched Name tags hahahaha! Oh yeah and I have a new companion. His name is Elder Lorenzana. He is the man! He is actually from Honduras so that is kind of cool! We are getting along great and its only been 5 days! I have a really good feeling about this change! He has a lot of energy which is exactly what this work needs! He has 18 months in the mish too! Just like me! And he's a UTAH JAZZ fan so I love him to death. HAHA well that was the highlight of my week! I had a great Halloween:) I love you guys!!!

Love Elder Hess

Baptism of Brother Munoz, Elder Lorenzaba

Brother Munoz