Saturday, June 28, 2014


HELLLOOOO!!! First thing I would like to do is give out some shout outs again! Shout out to Lexi Watts for getting her patriarchal blessing and for getting a scholarship to BYU! Second, GO GO USA! Third Kimi and Nate. You guys are perfect and I'll always look up to you guys. Congratulations on your big day!!!

Alrighty, so this week was very special. I got my first Baptism. Her name is Iris Sulay Afaro Moreno. She is a mother of two and they are both members. We have been teaching her a couple times a week. Randomly the Spirit just told Elder Chapeton and I ¨ASK HER RIGHT NOW TO BE BAPTIZED¨ so I did. And the spirit was so strong. She started crying and said yes. Everyone was so happy. After that I shared my testimony, in my broken Spanish. She started crying again. She then asked, Elder Hess can you baptize me. I couldn't believe it. Tears still come to my eyes when I replay that moment. It was so special. Well on Saturday was when she was baptized, turns out she's scared of the water... The first time I dunked her (that's what they say here) she freaked out and started splashing and caused a huge scene in the font. Well just about nothing was under water so I had to do it again. I was literally dripping wet because of how much she splashed. Second time she did a little better. But she still freaked out and we now have to do it a third time. So the third time I just dunked her as fast as I could so she had no time to freak out. And it worked hahahaha. Oh man it was crazy. After, when I was changing I felt bad that we had to do it 3 times and one of the members came into the bathroom and said ¨are you ok¨ (but in Spanish) I said yeah, I just feel kinda bad. He then said "don't worry, she must of had a lot of sins if you had to do it three times" hahaha oh man I'm still laughing! I literally died and had a laughing attack when he said that to me hahaha!! But all in all it was a very good day. This week was good. I'm always so tired at the end of the day because of all the millions of miles of walking. It's hard work out here but I know this church is true. I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life and I've only been out here for 2 weeks. God is so good and we are all so lucky to be apart of his one and only true church. OK I'm running out of time so I have to end. I love y'all. Be strong and always remember... GO JAZZ!

First Baptism (6/21/14)

Monday, June 16, 2014


Mom I made it! I'm going to start doing what I've been working for my whole life. This church is true and I know it. The spirit tells me everyday. I love you so much. I hope you get the other email. It has all the info you want in it.

Love Elder Hess

[the other email]

Well I'm going to first start off by saying Happy Father's Day to my Dad. I hope you had the best day in the world. You have better of spent the day fishing. I love you and miss you papa Steve. Second, shout out to the SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Third shout out to my boys wearing red white and blue. They better kill Ghana.

Ok so I'm here... And mom and Lexi your not going to like this. There is this part in San Pedro where all the people hate Americans. There has been more Americans murdered there than any other place in Honduras. Valle de Sula, Montefresco. No American has ever served there cause it's so peligroso. Well guess who got called there!!! WOOOOO!! I was so stoked!! All the Missionaries were saying "You're making history!" So I'm stoked! I'll have pictures at the bottom of where I'm serving. The first day I got here I was so tired. I had to wake up at 2:30 in the MTC to catch the plane. When I got here the president was waiting for me. His name is President Dester. The nicest man in the whole entire world. No joke. We loves the missionaries so much. We went to his house and had some meetings and some food and right after they put us to work. I was running on about three hours of sleep. I was literally dead, but I pushed myself so hard to keep on going and finish the day strong! The second day is when I met my comp. Elder Chapeton. He is from Guatemala and speaks very little English. But he's so nice. He always hugs me and says things in Spanish which I think are nice things haha. The second day was my first real day and holy crap it is so hot here... I'm literally going to die of heat stroke. Anyways, we had 7 lessons that day. He did most of the talking. I have no clue what anyone is saying... They talk so dang fast! But Chapeton talks slow for me so I can pick out some words. The spirit was so strong in all the lessons! Even though I had no clue what anyone was saying. 6 weeks in the MTC and they never taught me one word that people actually use. The third day was great too. We had dinner at a member's house and holy goodness the food was unreal. I think I'm going to gain 497 pounds. This day we also challenged a girl to be baptized. And she said yes! I had the biggest smile on my face and  the spirit was so strong. That's been the highlight of my week! The fourth day is when I met Lupe. She is so funny and she loves that I don't know Spanish. She tries so hard to teach me and it's actually been helping! She's inactive but she loves to have the missionaries over. Her son recently passed away so the next lesson I'm going to share my story about loved ones who have passed on and how families can be together forever. I can't wait to share that with her. Sunday was a little scary. For a couple reasons, it was my first day at church! And the bishop in the middle of sacrament said we have a new missionary! Come up and give a talk! Yeah. It was the worst thing in the world. I didn't know what to say and no one laughed at my joke. But other than that church was awesome! All the kids loved talking to me haha! They have so many questions about the States and if I have seen all the famous people haha! We couldn't do much on Sunday cause Honduras played. So we had to stay in our houses. I wanted to go work so bad but the President said it was too dangerous. So I just did a lot of studying and cleaning on Sunday. And the scary part of the days was at night. I don't know what happened but right in front of the house people started shooting. Elder Chapeton and I just hit the floor. It was so scary, but we're all good:) Today not much has happened. It's P day so Chapeton took me to the main part of San Pedro. WOW, I feel like I'm in Haiti again...

This is Elder Liavi everybody, my comp in the MTC. Elder Chapeton and I pulled some weeds for one of our investigators just so we could have a lesson with her. At first she said no but after we asked if we could do some service and then have a lesson she was all for it haha. Oh yeah, and when it rains here... IT RAINS!! Everything floods and you can't open your eyes hahaha. The Lady we helped. The street we live on. Our kitchen, yeah I know, it was like this when I got here. Our Bathroom. We have to shower with cups cause we don't have running water.

[These are the pics Mitch sent. I didn't get all the ones that he talked about in his email. I think we didn't get the end of his email.]

His companion Elder Chapeton

The flooding rain

The lady Mitch helped 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


To answer your questions I do get to exercise everyday! But I haven't been able to play basketball for a week cause it rained everyday. The Mission President here is really cool! He is so pumped for me to get in the field. He is an awesome example to me!! And I can't sleep. It's too hot. And Honduras is 20 degrees hotter so... crap. So this week was the same as all the other weeks. Just school for 14 hours a day. I shared my testimony in sacrament this week! It was so scary cause it was in spanish. But it went well. I also got another one of my investigators to commit to  baptism! Those moments make me so excited to actually serve. Also there is a kid here named Elder Davis, he's from Utah. He  knows everything in the world about the Jazz so he gave me an hour long run down on everything that I've missed for the past five weeks! So I love him. Elder Liavi and I had a hard week, he almost went home. But I had a very good talk with him so he ended up staying. I just told him how important this work really is, and how he's going to change peoples lives not just in this life but for eternity. Long story short he's going to stay! Other than that everything has been the same. But I do need something from you that is very very important. I need the dates I got my Typhoid shot and my Tetanus shots. If you could please please send them to this email and my email too! She needs them by this friday. Or we're going to have issues getting me out of here. Well I Love you mom I pray for you everyday.

Love Elder Hess.

PS I'm not sure if I can email next week cause that's when I leave here!! So if you don't get one thats why! Don't feel sad at all!