Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I want to say congrats to Brandon Amacherlyson for finishing his mission! He really was such a great missionary and I look up to him a lot! Also this week I got my new Comp! Elder McNeely! He is awesome! We were actually good friends before the mission so we are pumped that were comps! He's from Utah so we have a lot in common! He loves soccer too so its fun to play the kids in the street because we actually win sometimes haha! He has 18 months in mission as well:) OK so this week went great! Sister Cilvia went to Church like she said! And she loved it! I'm going to have to take a picture with her soon so you guys can see what she looks like:) Also Angel went! He has been out of town the last two weeks because his Grandma passed away:( But he is doing good! We have talked to him a lot actually about the Plan of Salvation! We have found a lot of people the last couple of weeks and we think that some of them are going to start being baptized! I am so happy:) This Friday I think we should actually have one! His name is David! I'll tell you all about him next week! Well that's about it for this week! We are still just knocking on a whole lot of doors! Everything is going great! Well I love you guys!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Hess

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Alright so this Change has now come to an end.. Which means that Elder Toolson and I are going to have to split up:( I'm going to be getting a new companion tomorrow. This will also be my last companion, so I am praying that he is a good one. Elder Toolson and I worked our backs off for 6 weeks straight. We gave it our all. We contacted for about 6 hours a day every single day. The people in San Pedro Sula are a little harder to teach. But that's OK:) Because Elder Toolson and I had an amazing experience yesterday. We were out contacting like normal and we came across this one house with a green door. Before we knocked on the door, I looked at E. Toolson and told him "Im feeling really good about this house." Well, this Lady named Cilvia. We talked to her for a little and she let us in her house. She lives with her Brother and her cousin. They were all so excited to listen to us. So what they told us was that the day before they had been talking about how they need to start going to a Church because they needed to act more on the faith that they had. Well we gave them a lesson about the Restoration. They all loved it and they told us that they were going to go to Church this upcoming Sunday! We also set another lesson with them this Wednesday:) I am so excited to go back! They really were the nicest people on the planet! Also that was the last contact that Elder Toolson and I did together! It was late and we had another lesson. It is so weird how God works. We had been working as hard as we could for 6 weeks straight and on the very last door we knocked on was the house that we needed to go to. I learned a very big lesson after that. We might not understand why things happen. But in the end God has a plan for us. A perfect plan. And if we keep on doing what we are suppose to. If we keep on following our Savior. God will ALWAYS bless us. I know this work is true and I know that God is the Author of the great Plan of Salvation. I love this Church and I sure Love my Mission. I love you guys. I hope everyone remembers to "CTR" this week:) 

Love Elder Hess


So in San Pedro Sula it is hard to find new people to teach. Because most of the people in the city are hard core catholic. Elder Toolson and I have been contacting a lot and it hasn't been working that well.. SO now we are working with all the Members so that they can give us references! So far it has been working! SO we are all really excited! This week I had the chance to go on divisions with a guy named Elder Cerros! He's from Australia:) I had a really good time with him! HAHA he always says a lot of bad words in English because he said in Australia it's not swearing haha! When he said the first swear word I just looked at him and said "Are you serious?" HAHA and he told me that everyone always gets mad at him but in Australia it's a normal word HAHA! Well we ended up finding a couple of people to teach but no one said we could go back:( But the highlight of the week was Angel:) He is a 45 year old man who is very interested in the Gospel and says he's going to church next Sunday!!!! We found him on Sunday! He said that it makes sense that Christ would come here to the Americas:) So  we are off to a really good start! He is the type of guy that could be a future bishop here in the ward!!:) We are going to work as hard as we can so that he can get baptized as soon as possible!!:) Well I have to go now I love you Guys!!!

Love Elder Hess

Monday, January 4, 2016


How y'all doin? Sorry I have not emailed for the last little bit, I don't really have too much time. I'll give you guys a quick update on what I have been doing!! Well Santos got baptized:) He went to church 3 straight times and was baptized! He's 72 and has been waiting for the truth ever since he was born! And now he has it. He said something that I will never forget. When it was time to baptize him we asked him "Brother Santos who do you want to baptize you" and all he responded was "Somebody with the Authority of God." So it might not sound like much but when he said that my Comp and I both just kind of froze. I looked at Elder Toolson and said, "He understands it" I got a little teary eyed because it is so special when people understand why this is the only one and true church. Also New Years was great. We were locked in but I still had a good time in the house. The first was an insane day though... We walked around for hours trying to find someone to teach but everyone was way to hung over hahahahaha! So we just helped a lot of drunk people out who had passed out on the street. We moved them to the curb so a car wouldn't hit them. It was fun. Well that's about It! I'm happy and I'm loving every second of my mish!!!!!

Love Elder Hess


Baptism of Brother Santos