Monday, March 30, 2015


OK so First I want to say two things! First Happy Birthday to Lexi Watts I hope you have the best day ever! 2. My Boy Brandon is AP!!! You are such a great missionary man=)

MMk so this week was SO much better than the last week! We had the amazing experience of baptizing Sister Isabel!! She is 83 years old! After all of this time she finally had the spirit touch her heart! The baptism went so well! We had her grandson baptize her too! Her grandson was inactive for a very long time but after the baptism he is now wanting to go on a mission! So it was kind of a double score!! But the baptism was kind of weird because we had to dunk her about 646 times because her back would not bend because she is so old. So in the end we had to sit her on a chair, fill the font up more and just push her head in. But it wasn't awkward or weird. The spirit was still so strong the whole time! Her whole family came in from all over the Country to see the baptism because her whole family attends the LDS church. The family all gave us hugs and were just crying. They were all so happy! After the baptism one of the daughters said "I am a witness of hundreds of missionaries passing by my mom's house but it looks like the Lord had to send these two boys to have the Spirit finally touch her heart!" When Isabel shared her testimony she was just crying. I was crying too. She just talked about how proud she is of our Savior for keeping her on this earth a little longer to be baptized. (She is really old) She looked at Vasquez and I with tears running down her face and said "thank you to these two young soldiers that finally showed me the truth." She calls me her grandson hahaha! We now eat dinner with her every Wednesday too! She really is the cutest old lady! I don't know if I have told you guys this but when we first passed by for her house Isabel told us "look, you guys can pass by if you want but I am a Catholic and I am going to die a Catholic." But that didn't put us down at all. We just loved her and now she's a member of the Lord's church. One of her granddaughters actually told her "well  it looks like you are going to die a Mormon" hahahaha we all laughed so hard because she told everyone that phrase! Well I love you all! Oh yeah I have changes. I'm going to COPAN! Look it up on the Internet!! It's a super famous place! Oh yeah and I'm going to get my first American Comp! Woooo! Ok well I love you guys!! Adios!!

Love Elder Hess

Elder Hess & Elder Vasquez with Sister Isabel

Baptism of Isabel by her grandson

Too legit

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Well I got it.. I got hit with the chikungunya... So didn't work all week so I can't really talk about much. My feet kill and my bones just kill. The worst part about it all is that the recovery process is a YEAR to a YEAR and a half. Yes you read that right. But that doesn't mean I'll be like dead for a YEAR. I'll just have hurting bones and little things like that. The other day I woke up at like 4 am to go get some water and I fell to the ground after the first step because my feet hurt so bad. I was so hot and I couldn't shower because we haven't had water for over 2 weeks now. The power kept going out so the house was an oven. But I'm feeling better now and I'm going to go to work all this week! The worst part was just sitting in the house knowing that March Madness was going on and not being able to watch it.. There is no better time in the year to get sick if your at home but in the mission it's just the worst. Ok well I love you all! That was my week. Awesome right.

Love Elder Hess


Well this week was awesome. All of our baptisms came through! We had the two girls of Miguel and Suyapa and the next day we had Kelen's! Both of the baptisms were so great! Suyapa after the baptism said she had great news and that she is going to get the Divorce done this week! And if they do it this week I might be able to see them get baptized before I have Transfers! So the Saturday baptism was insane. We went to the church like 4 hours early to fill up the font. But there was no water. So we called all of the other missionaries to see if their church had water but they all told us no. So we called the fireman to bring the firetruck over to fill it up but they told us no. We called a bunch of people and tried to do all we could to fill the font up. It just wasn't going to happen. We were going to cancel the Baptism. Everyone was so sad. Well I decided to say a prayer. (Yeah should of thought of that first) I said a prayer while holding my hand on the lever that releases the water. Right when I said "Amen" I turned the Knob.. And guess what happened... THE WATER CAME ON!! Vasquez and I just started screaming ha! It was so awesome! The power of Prayer is incredible and I hope that everyone knows it. The baptism ended up going great.  Also I had the amazing experience to hear Elder Anderson Talk. It was so great! The Power that the General Authorities have is insane. The testimony that they have is crazy... Just hearing them talk lets you know that the Church is true. Also I was able to see my BOI Elder Criddle! I'll have a picture down below! That was our goal to see each other before he goes home! And we did it WOO! Last thing. There is an 83 year old lady here who has refused to go to church her whole life (her whole family is a member). Well we've been teaching her and she's going to get baptized now! Cool huh! I love you all! 

Love Elder Hess

Miguel y Suyapa! They will be in white soon, don't worry.
I know they look super mad but that's how Hondurans smile...


Elder Hess & Elder Criddle

Monday, March 16, 2015


All is going well down here in the hottest place on earth. This week went so awesome! I think that I might of had the best lesson in my mission con Miguel and Suyapa. We were talking about baptism and they shared their testimonies with us. They told us how they know the church is true and how bad they want to get baptized. But right now they cant, because Suyapa has a husband who lives in the states. And she needs his firma to get the divorce. So it's going to take a little time with them. But we shared with them in D&C 58 where the parents need to teach their kids the Gospel. When we read that with them they stopped the lesson and gave a lesson to their kids using the Book of Mormon, the Bible and D&C. They looked at us and said "Elders, if we say something wrong correct us, but if not just let us talk." We were like Uhh ok go for it hahaha! They taught about Faith, repentance and baptism. Elder Vasquez and I didn't say a word. It was a perfect lesson and I know for a fact that the girls were hit pretty hard with the spirit. After the Lesson the girls told us that they wanted to be baptized. And they set the date for this Saturday. I can not wait for that day. Well I just want to say that all of us need to keep the Gospel strong in our homes. We are the example to our own families. Always lift each other up and CTR. This life is so short but it could not be more important. We have about 50 to 90 years to do the Will of God. And if we don't where will we stand at the end of this life. Miguel also said something really great he said "If Christ came right this very second would you run to him being happy and proud of the lives that we lived or would you put your head down with shame." I think that we all need to think of the quote that Miguel said! I love you all!!

Love Elder HESS


Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Hey everyone! So I'm going to keep this one short because we have an early lesson today! How is everyone? I miss all of you just so you know! But I'm not baggy!! I'm having a great time in the mission! So something awful that is happening right now is the weather. It is officially the hottest time of the year in Honduras. I'm dying. The sun here just drains you. I have to drink like a million bags of water a day so I don't die... And sleeping.. It is so hot here that the fans don't really work because they shoot out hot air. Sleeping is hard but it's OK because I usually fall asleep pretty fast because I'm always so tired. I think I have told you guys about Chikunguna. The awful illness that is going around. The country here is going insane. Everyone is so sick! The government bought these gun smoker things that are so cool to kill all the mosquitoes. On Friday they were walking down the street screaming "Get out of your houses were fumigating." They would kick everyone out and literally smoke out the whole house. The streets were so full of smoke we couldn't even tell where the sun was. Everyone was just walking around with shirts over their mouths for like 3 hours haha! Oh yeah and they have plans to burn down this huge mountain to kill more mosquitoes. Yeah awful idea but they are going to do it.

So on a spiritual note we are still teaching those two little girls and the parents (they're not married). We put a firm date and the parents gave us permission to baptize their kids! The dad was Anti Mormon about 4 weeks ago. Now he is converted and wants to be baptized! He just needs to get married first! Also the rumor is that an apostle is coming down to Honduras to talk to the missionaries. So what does that mean? I'm going to see my BOI Elder Criddle. I'm so excited! Should be an awesome experience to here from an apostle and to see one of my good friends! Well I'll write a better email next week but I love you all so much!

Love Elder Jez


Happy Birthday to my little Sister Lexi! WOOO I hope you have the best day ever little SIS! Go eat a lot of American food and sit in an air conditioned room for me:) Hey so I have the best news ever!! THE UTAH JAZZ ARE COMING TO HONDURAS!! JAJA Son Bromas! But I get to stay in Las Flores! The president here made a last second change and is going to let me stay WOOO! I was so excited! I love it here so much! I get to stay with Vasquez! I went to all the members' houses to say good bye. It was so sad and I even cried a little bit. When I returned to say that I didn't have changes all of the investigators just freaked out!! They would all say "What are you doing here!!" All of them were just so happy. So other than that this week was insane. I'll write what happened all within 2 days..

Ok so first we had this lesson with this family that we are going to baptize on the 7th. One of the little girls after the lesson was on a truck while it was backing up and she fell off the back. The wheel was about to run over her and I just started running as fast as I could to save her. I sprinted and just picked her up with one hand and dove out of the way. The parents were crying they were so happy. Just saying thank you Elder Hess thank you. When it was done Vasquez looked at me and said how did you do that. He said that I dove and while I was in the air I grabbed and wrapped her up in my body with one arm haha! So that was a really cool and crazy experience! I think it helped in their conversion process too haha!

2. After we were walking home from dinner one day we saw Pedro, Victoria's son. Dead. He wasn't breathing. He drank way to much liquor. Then randomly he just started breathing again. Elder Vasquez and I carried him home like a mile. Oh yeah and he was 100% naked. We only did it because we love Sister Victoria so much. He's OK now. So that's all good.

3. Some crazy idiot spit on my face. I'm not going to tell the whole story why but he was pissed. He spit on my face and I just screamed "que to pasa!!!" He got in my face and was just talking super fast in Spanish and he said he was going to punch me in the face. I just looked at him and said DO IT. He got in my face and I just started laughing and he finally left. Then he came back and threw water at us. Vasquez when it was all done just looked at me and said I hate this country hahaha!! I laughed so hard. Ok so that was my week.

I love you guys!!

Right as we took this picture the bird crapped on me...

This is a Turkey, I was so scared hahaha

Elder Vasquez and Elder Chapeton

Somebody wrote HESS on this tree... I have no idea who hahaha