Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Where did this week go! During the week it feels so slow but after it's done I realize how fast it was! So I had a good week. Elder Chapeton is staying one more transfer whoooo. I was pretty scared when they announced the transfers that he would leave. So I'll have another 6 weeks with him. This week we had a goal to try to find a LOT more investigators, because a lot of the investigators we have now are slowing down and losing a lot of interest. Its super sad. I don't know why but Elder Chape has been really down lately. Ever since the last P day. I think something is going on back at his home, but he won't tell me. He keeps on saying oh I'm fine. So remember to keep him in your prayers! Thursday was an awesome day! Well it didn't start off awesome. So from when we left the house until about 5, almost all of our investigators said "Oh I'm so sorry can we reschedule? I'm really busy." It was so frustrating. But after another family said "I can't today" Elder Chape and I decided to say a prayer in the street. Asking for guidance and what we should do next. About 18 seconds later this lady comes up to us and says "Excuse me, you guys are from the Mormon church right?" We said yes and explained what exactly we do as missionaries. She was so excited and asked if we could have a lesson with her and her family on this upcoming Tuesday. So we are so pumped for that! And we also have a pretty good idea on what we should teach her. So tomorrow should be a good day. That same experience happened twice that night. But the other was with a really old women. She actually seemed a little crazy and I think she was on something. But she walked up to us just like Marta. That's the name of the woman who walked up to us. So we have some potential with her too haha. All in all we had a good week. Even though some of our investigators are losing interest the others are exploding with interest. Ok so a funny story that happened. We were at this house with a new investigator and we asked if we could have an opening prayer. They said yes of course and right when I started praying the grandma in the family just started screaming Hallelujah!!! Praise Him!!! PRAISE HIM!!!! Literally screaming. I was so scared! Well after I finished my prayer she kept on going. Screaming all kinds of crazy stuff haha. I didn't know what to do so I just kept my head down and let her finish. And when she was finished  Elder Chape and I said Amen. We literally had no idea what was going on. Anyways that was really funny and that family is actually making a lot of progress! We just have to teach them how to pray! Well I love you guys! I'll see you next week!

Love Elder HESS

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Had an awesome week! I can't believe its P day again. These weeks fly by so fast. But the days really do feel like years. So I feel like all of our investigators improved a lot this week! But not so much Antonio. Turns out he loves to bible bash. It was so frustrating when he started pulling out all these random scriptures in the bible to try to prove us wrong. But we shared our testimony with him and left on a high note! I feel like that's all you can do in a situation like that. Just share your testimony and leave. But probably the highlight of my week was finding a new family to teach! They are so funny and love that I'm from the States! We have only had one lesson with them but I feel like it went really well! They really wanted us to return for another! There are four girls in the family, all under 10 and all of them know just a little bit of English. Like probably 15 words. But they absolutely love talking to me in English. They'll ask a million questions, how do you say this, how do you say that haha! It's a good time! Their name is Sabinon. Weird name. But I really hope we can convert this family, I feel like they would fit in so well in the ward! And the fact that their souls are on the line. HAHAHA oh man that sounded really weird. This week we have transfers and there is a little chance that Chapeton is going to be transferred. I really hope he doesn't. We are such good friends and work really hard together. But whatever happens happens. Honestly I don't think he will cause I still don't know this area perfect. And I think my President knows that because nobody can memorize one area in 6 weeks. I just hope in this next transfer an American or somebody who knows English gets transferred to my zone. I'm the only American in my whole zone! But it's really good for my Spanish! I feel like I'm improving really fast now that I got the basics down! So something kinda crazy happened this week. We were with an investigator when we heard this really loud car coming down the road. I thought nothing of it but our investigator yelled get in the house!! And we all ran in the house. I asked what was happening and she just said, whenever you hear that sound hide. I asked why and she just said because that's one of the leaders of MS. So kinda scary but pretty cool too hahaha. Well I love you all!! I'll talk to you again next week!

Hey Mom!! I'm learning spanish by speaking it 24/7 and for studying 1 hour a day with this HUGE spanish book that I have. I feel like my spanish improved a lot this week! I always feel good! Just tired. But it would be weird if I wasn't! My weight is dropping cause I'm losing a lot of muscle. And yes I'm working out haha, it's just impossible without the weights that I used at the LC. I'm happy everyone is doing good! I love you mom! Chat with me if you can! I feel like my spanish jumped a lot this week! So that's really good! I LOVE you mommy! I pray for you everyday!

"Getting Creative"

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hi everyone! I hope everyone had an awesome week! So first off Happy 28th Birthday MOM! I love you so so much! I carried around a picture of you all day so I could show people who my mom is! It was great! I Love You so much! You're the best mom in the world! So this week we finally baptized Antonio! I was so happy! The whole Primary showed up just to give him support, so that was awesome. Antonio was so nervous, but after he said that he just felt peace in his heart. We told him that was the holy ghost and that he could feel like that at all times if he HLJ. It was a special day. So we also found another investigator this week who I feel awesome about. He's 50 something and he has always wondered "who the boys in the white shirts are" hahaha. He's so nice and loves to feed us so I love him. Oh yeah Antonio is his name. Hahaha I guess that's just the name to have! But everything is perfect in San Pedro Sula. Only a couple of sketchy things happened which I'm not going to share cause I don't want mom to freak out and come pick me up hahaha. The sun is still blistering hot and my Spanish keeps on improving little by little. OHHHH and Porter called me this week! It was so awesome! We talked for about 20 minutes! He gave me a lot of tips on learning Spanish and told me how much better things will be once I know the language, so I can't wait for that day to come!

I love you all, have an awesome week!

Antonio's Baptism


So this week was pretty good. All of our investigators went to church and progressed a lot this week. We also had a Baptism, his name is Coto. He's been raised in the church his whole life but asked if Elder Chape could baptize him! It was really special to Elder Chape because Coto doesn't have a Dad. He looks up to missionaries a lot. I'm pretty close with him too because his mom cooks lunch for us everyday, so we're with him a lot. The baptism went well because Chape only had to dunk him once. LOL. Ok so Antonio is doing so awesome! He's actually 9 years old. I don't know why I said he was 12 in the last email. Anyways, he is so interested in the Book of Mormon! He told us he wants to read the whole book by the end of the year, and he's only nine. We always give him a little scripture to read and  he always ends up reading the whole chapter or more! I wish all of our investigators were like this. But he's ready for baptism, his big day is this Saturday! I can't wait for that day to come. He also asked us when he could serve a mission like us. He already wants to be a missionary, how cool is that!

Mmmk so on Wednesday in the morning, probably around 7, I was putting on my tie when I saw THE WORLD'S BIGGEST FREAKING SPIDER!!! Yes... In my house !0_O I'll have a picture below. I honestly screamed like a girl when I saw it. Elder Chape thought I was dying when he heard me haha! So we got a lighter and some lysol and torched the thing, but that didn't kill it. I'm not kidding this thing was like Superman's son. After a quick prayer we ended up smashing it with a broom, but even that took like 10 tries. So that was a fun/scary experience. So Sunday. First, after church Elder Chape and I were knocking doors. We went to this one house and some old man answered the door. He was so friendly! Until I told him I was from the USA. He started yelling AAAAHHHH LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE, YOU'RE GONNA KILL ME YOU'RE GONNA KILL ME!!! Elder Chape calmed him down a little bit and said Elder Hess is a good person he's not going to kill anyone. But the man refused to believe I was safe. He claimed that I had a chip in my head and the CIA was controlling me and that I was going to kill everyone and take over Honduras. So he was a no go. Later that day we had a meeting with this lady and her son. She asked where I was from and instantly I thought "ah crap here we go" I said the USA. She jumped out of her seat and grabbed these pictures that were on the table. It was a picture of this 14 year old girl. She asked do you think she's cute? I said yeah she's a cute little girl. She looked like a child. She then left the room and brought back the girl in the picture and then the mom said "Will you marry my daughter?" yeah really awkward. I didn't even respond Elder Chape just said, we have to go. So that was so weird and on the way home from her house a gay man started to hit on me.. Trying to touch me and stuff. So we had to run away from him too. So that was Sunday hahaha. I hope all you guys had a little better Sunday than I did ha. 
Everything is well here in Honduras, I hope everything is well back home. I love you all.

Love Elder Hess

And my camera is dead... so crap.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Hello brothers and sisters! What up with thee? Things are still blistering Hot here in San Pedro 0.o I don't think I'll ever get used to the Heat... Shout out to THE JAZZZZZ for getting Dante Exum. The future league MVP. Also to Brandon OmAKur for also serving in San Pedro haha that's kinda cool.

Alright so this week went really good with all of our investigators! All of them were keeping all of their commitments and progressing really well! Well Sunday rolled around and not one came to church. Elder Chapeton and I even went to their houses an hour before church and they said they were coming but when 9 o'clock came around none of them showed up. I was pretty upset. So after church we went back to all their houses and asked what happened. Well about 90% of them said ¨we were watching the Mexico game.¨ It turns out the people of Honduras freaking hate Mexico haha. They were all watching just to see if they lost. I didn't know what to say cause if I were them I would have done the same thing hahaha just kidding. But we ended up teaching them the blessings of going to church and it ended up being OK. Right now we have a 12 year old investigator who is the coolest little kid ever. It's weird cause his whole family is catholic but they don't care that Antonio has lessons from us, in their house. But oh well, after we convert Antonio we're going after the rest of the family. But the highlight of my week was two days ago. We were teaching this old man and his wife. Oh and PS I literally cant understand one thing old people say. I don't know why. Anyways after the lesson when we were saying goodbye the man grabbed my arm and said in ENGLISH. Thank you for that, I was shocked he spoke English! And I said ¨whoa you speak English blah blah¨ then I said for what because I didn't speak much. He told me ¨every single time I looked at you, you were smiling, and you were glowing like an angel and I could feel something different in my heart. I don't know why, but there is something special about you.¨ OK so I'm not sharing this story to brag or anything like that, but it was just really awesome to have him say that to me after not participating too much in the lesson. I just want to say that I know this church is true. And I now know that Christ lives. I love Him so much. Because of Him everything is possible. Everyday I give thanks to our Heavenly Father for giving me the opportunity to serve Him, even when times are rough. I love you all very much.
Love Elder HESS

This is Elder Marte. He is from the DR and knows Parker Morgan.

[Of course, pics of food]

"I'm really healthy, all the Latinos in our area are sick, including Elder Chapeton.
But not me! I told you my stomach was superman!!"