Thursday, December 24, 2015


Alright so everyone knows that I'm serving in the San Pedro Sula Oeste Mission. But I've actually never served in San Pedro Sula.. Until now.. I AM RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY!!!!!! (It is honestly so dangerous it's a joke..) You know how people say that this is the most dangerous city in the world.. Yup, they're right haha! I'm not going to tell you guys what I've seen here (in just 5 days) but it's so insane. I'll tell you guys the stories when I'm home:) So I am serving in the Stake San Pedro Sula, and our ward is called "The San Pedro Ward." It is so awesome. Our church is also the biggest Church in Central America... I'll send a picture of it. It's massive. Also my new comp is Elder Toolson!!! He is the Man! He works so hard. I love it! We talk to EVERYONE on the street! (Unless they have tattoos on their faces..) We are working as hard as we can so that there will be no regrets out here. The only problem with San Pedro Sula is that the people are all Catholic. More Catholic than the Pope. So we actually find ourselves teaching a lot of people about the Great Apostasy. Elder Toolson has 20 months in the mission too! So we are actually going to go home together! I am very excited for this upcoming change:) So this week I had to say good bye to one of my best friends in the mission. Do you guys remember Elder Chapeton? My first companion? Well he just finished his mission this week. When he said Goodbye to me we both just started crying. He helped me so much in my mission. He really did shape me into the missionary that I wanted to be. He showed me how to work and how to have the Spirit with me at all times. When we talked about all the memories we had we both had tears running down our faces. I told him he could live at our house in Utah if he wanted so get ready Mom. Well I'll keep you guys updated on everything that is going on here! I'll see you guys next week.

Elder Chapeton (first companion)

Last Comp (Elder Lorenzana) New Comp (Elder Toolson)

Stake Center San Pedro Sula

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Well this week went really well:) I had an awesome meeting with President Dester! I always learn so much from him when I talk to him! Also Sister Sharon was baptized! She is an awesome person! She was a reference from one of her friends! She has always had the faith that this Church was true. One of the main reasons why she was baptized is because she said that she loved seeing how happy all the people in the church were! I love it when people say that about us:) We really are the happiest group of people in the world! I am very excited for her to progress in the church! Also Brother Muñoz is the biggest example that any person in this whole country has given me over these last 19 months... He is amazing. (He is going to the temple in 2 weeks) No matter what happens to him he always has a faith that could move mountains. But I have bad news... I am going to have changes. So I am not going to see him anymore. He has been such a big part in my mission. I am going to miss him so much. At the end of my mission I am going to visit him. I have too!! Also I am very sad that I am going to be leaving Elder Lorenzana... I love him so much. He has been my favorite comp. I already know I'm going to break down crying when I say good bye to him haha! He is the man. I learned so much from him. I hope I get to be friends with him for the rest of my life. He is just a happy person. If I had to describe him in one word it would be happy. I will never forget these 6 weeks we had together! Well that was my week! Things are going great out here!!!!!!

Sister Sharon Baptism

The Crew

Elder Lorenzana takes the best selfie!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Well I hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving... Because I know I did! Lets just say that I bought an 18 pound Turkey. HAHA it was so yummy! We had a service day too so we did service for like 5 hours. My buddy Elder Bate and I cut wood with an axe for five hours for our Stake President. I felt like I was in Man town the whole time. I had my blue jeans on while wearing my John Deere hat. It was pretty cool. I'll send some pictures below. And the food was so dang good!! But not as good as the Turkey back at home:) I didn't get as full as last year:( But it was really fun and I felt really good about it after! We invited 3 families from the ward to come over to share thanksgiving with us and they had the Packers game on... NO I did not sit facing the TV hahahaha! Sorry Mom I know I shouldn't of done that. Alright well things are going great over here in good ol´ Yojoa! We got one of our investigators to accept baptism:) So this Saturday we should have a water day:) Also on Thursday when I was buying the Turkey guess who I ran into.... VICTORIA from Las Flores!! I was so happy! She is active and is loving the Church of Jesus Christ:) That is such a blessing to see as a missionary! She even told me that she said the Prayer in Sacrament meeting! I was so proud of her! I'll send you a picture. When she saw me she screamed and said Elder Hess!!!!!! Get over here!! She was so happy:) Seeing her and hearing that she was active made me realize the importance of contacting because we found her from knocking doors. I love her so much!!! Well a lot of other stuff happened this week but I'm going to end this now because I don't want to put everyone to sleep. I love y'all:)

Love Elder Hess

Thanksgiving in Yojoa