Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Well I hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving... Because I know I did! Lets just say that I bought an 18 pound Turkey. HAHA it was so yummy! We had a service day too so we did service for like 5 hours. My buddy Elder Bate and I cut wood with an axe for five hours for our Stake President. I felt like I was in Man town the whole time. I had my blue jeans on while wearing my John Deere hat. It was pretty cool. I'll send some pictures below. And the food was so dang good!! But not as good as the Turkey back at home:) I didn't get as full as last year:( But it was really fun and I felt really good about it after! We invited 3 families from the ward to come over to share thanksgiving with us and they had the Packers game on... NO I did not sit facing the TV hahahaha! Sorry Mom I know I shouldn't of done that. Alright well things are going great over here in good ol´ Yojoa! We got one of our investigators to accept baptism:) So this Saturday we should have a water day:) Also on Thursday when I was buying the Turkey guess who I ran into.... VICTORIA from Las Flores!! I was so happy! She is active and is loving the Church of Jesus Christ:) That is such a blessing to see as a missionary! She even told me that she said the Prayer in Sacrament meeting! I was so proud of her! I'll send you a picture. When she saw me she screamed and said Elder Hess!!!!!! Get over here!! She was so happy:) Seeing her and hearing that she was active made me realize the importance of contacting because we found her from knocking doors. I love her so much!!! Well a lot of other stuff happened this week but I'm going to end this now because I don't want to put everyone to sleep. I love y'all:)

Love Elder Hess

Thanksgiving in Yojoa

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