Saturday, June 28, 2014


HELLLOOOO!!! First thing I would like to do is give out some shout outs again! Shout out to Lexi Watts for getting her patriarchal blessing and for getting a scholarship to BYU! Second, GO GO USA! Third Kimi and Nate. You guys are perfect and I'll always look up to you guys. Congratulations on your big day!!!

Alrighty, so this week was very special. I got my first Baptism. Her name is Iris Sulay Afaro Moreno. She is a mother of two and they are both members. We have been teaching her a couple times a week. Randomly the Spirit just told Elder Chapeton and I ¨ASK HER RIGHT NOW TO BE BAPTIZED¨ so I did. And the spirit was so strong. She started crying and said yes. Everyone was so happy. After that I shared my testimony, in my broken Spanish. She started crying again. She then asked, Elder Hess can you baptize me. I couldn't believe it. Tears still come to my eyes when I replay that moment. It was so special. Well on Saturday was when she was baptized, turns out she's scared of the water... The first time I dunked her (that's what they say here) she freaked out and started splashing and caused a huge scene in the font. Well just about nothing was under water so I had to do it again. I was literally dripping wet because of how much she splashed. Second time she did a little better. But she still freaked out and we now have to do it a third time. So the third time I just dunked her as fast as I could so she had no time to freak out. And it worked hahahaha. Oh man it was crazy. After, when I was changing I felt bad that we had to do it 3 times and one of the members came into the bathroom and said ¨are you ok¨ (but in Spanish) I said yeah, I just feel kinda bad. He then said "don't worry, she must of had a lot of sins if you had to do it three times" hahaha oh man I'm still laughing! I literally died and had a laughing attack when he said that to me hahaha!! But all in all it was a very good day. This week was good. I'm always so tired at the end of the day because of all the millions of miles of walking. It's hard work out here but I know this church is true. I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life and I've only been out here for 2 weeks. God is so good and we are all so lucky to be apart of his one and only true church. OK I'm running out of time so I have to end. I love y'all. Be strong and always remember... GO JAZZ!

First Baptism (6/21/14)

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