Wednesday, June 4, 2014


To answer your questions I do get to exercise everyday! But I haven't been able to play basketball for a week cause it rained everyday. The Mission President here is really cool! He is so pumped for me to get in the field. He is an awesome example to me!! And I can't sleep. It's too hot. And Honduras is 20 degrees hotter so... crap. So this week was the same as all the other weeks. Just school for 14 hours a day. I shared my testimony in sacrament this week! It was so scary cause it was in spanish. But it went well. I also got another one of my investigators to commit to  baptism! Those moments make me so excited to actually serve. Also there is a kid here named Elder Davis, he's from Utah. He  knows everything in the world about the Jazz so he gave me an hour long run down on everything that I've missed for the past five weeks! So I love him. Elder Liavi and I had a hard week, he almost went home. But I had a very good talk with him so he ended up staying. I just told him how important this work really is, and how he's going to change peoples lives not just in this life but for eternity. Long story short he's going to stay! Other than that everything has been the same. But I do need something from you that is very very important. I need the dates I got my Typhoid shot and my Tetanus shots. If you could please please send them to this email and my email too! She needs them by this friday. Or we're going to have issues getting me out of here. Well I Love you mom I pray for you everyday.

Love Elder Hess.

PS I'm not sure if I can email next week cause that's when I leave here!! So if you don't get one thats why! Don't feel sad at all!

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