Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Well I think Megan and Lexi are the only ones that will understand my title but whatever haha! Ok so not too much happened this week. I was only in my area for 2 days because I did divisions Tuesday. Went to do divisions Wednesday. Went to San PedroThursday. Did more Divisions Friday and did more divisions Saturday... Yeah what the heck. And I was never in my area for any of the divisions, but I had a good week and learned a lot:) I had a fun time in San Pedro:) We had a leadership Conference and President Dester spoke. So the Spirit was really strong:) I love going to San Pedro so much. It really is such a thrill to be there. Everything is so Crazy and dangerous haha! I was there for like 5 hours and in that 5 hours some old guy grabbed me and was screaming at me to help him haha. I just gave him a little push to get him off me. And that was that. Pretty funny though. So good news with Chenny! She is going to be baptized this Saturday with her daughter! WOOO! But her Husband no.. We are still working on the Word of Wisdom with him. But with time he will be a member of this church! Church this Sunday was great:) Gave a talk (didn't know I had a talk until he called my name at the beginning of sacrament), gave the Sunday School class, and then gave the Elders Quorum lesson, and then did Tithing, and then Cleaned the Whole Church. So it was a fun Sunday:) I love all of you guys so much! Have an awesome week!!

Love Elder Hess

Elder Chapeton (My Trainer)

Elder Perry (One of my BFFs in the Mish)

And Elder Coe De New Zealand. Also my BFF for life;)

No I'm not in Africa

New puppy at the Hernandez home:)


Just what everyone wants to find on their bed right before they go to sleep.
I didn't sleep all night because I was so scared... I HATE spiders.

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