Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Well everyone this is it. It has been two years out here. I still remember everything from the MTC in Guatemala, to my first area in Valle de Sula and my first companion Elder Chapeton. That was 2 years ago. My Companion Elder Vasquez in Las Flores. That's when I felt like my mission really started cooking. That's when I got the language down a little better as well. Oh man did I love my time with Elder Vasquez. Two of the best changes from my mission from Elder Vasquez to Elder Olaveson. He will forever be one of my best friends and we just happened to serve in Copan. "The Dream" 3rd Nephi 11. Those 2 areas, Las Flores and Copan will always be my favorite areas. I fell in love with those people. Just like my other areas as well, but there is just something special about those 2 areas:) Next up Elder Lorenzana and Elder Toolson, two other amazing companions. In my personal opinion I think Elder Toolson is the best missionary who has ever passed through this mission. I learned so much from him. He really is the man. I love this country. I love these people. I love San Pedro Sula. The best two years…. They were the hardest two years, they were the most trying two years, they were the two years where I was stretched the most, they were the two years in my life that I was focused and dedicated to something like no other in my life! I have tried to  help others change their lives and in the process I have been changed also! I have become sanctified as promised in the oath and covenant of the priesthood. That sanctification comes as we selflessly serve and faithfully obey the spirit as it reveals, guides and directs us. During these two years I went from a boy trying to become a man to becoming a Man of God! A man who knows who he is, where he is going and most importantly how I am going to get there from here. “there” is any place or endeavor I decide to embark upon and the paths that God will call me to. How we do things is more important that what we do. God will reveal to us how we are to do the things he asks us to do and inspires us to do. I know this church is true. I know God lives. I know this Gospel is his. I know he owns and directs this work. I have loved these past 2 years. I love My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He Lives. He is the Christ. I testify of all these things. In the holy name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

For one last time, Elder Hess

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