Saturday, May 31, 2014


Hi mamma! Things are going great here! Everyone calls me carne cause I finish off everyone's meat at lunch time! As district leader I just have to watch out for everyone and make sure everyone is on time and if someone has a question they come to me first then I address it. Its not hard at all! And my P day switches all the time. Today it's Tuesday. It doesn't make any sense. But guess what my spanish is getting so much better! I can hold a normal conversation now with all the Latinos!! So yesterday I told this one elder where I was going on my mission. He said it's the hottest place in the world and I will die of heat stroke. So thats good. haha But I'm so excited to get out of this prison. I want to go preach the gospel to the world!!! Is high school over yet? How is the family?? Tell grandma and grandpa I Love them!! I love you mom. I can't believe I've already been out here 1 month... Crazy right. I love you mom. Remember to hold to the iron rod in everything you do.
Love Elder Hess

PS I can't get seconds, but literally everyone in the whole MTC gives me their leftovers so I'm good!!

I also received my first hand written letter this week from Mitch in that letter he wrote this:

"How is everyone doing? I miss all of you so much. It's really weird being away from you guys. I've talked all of you up sooo much. I bring my picture book with me everywhere just so I can show you guys off. I've already e-mailed mom this, but everyone thinks mom in is her 20s. And that one picture with mom and I people say 'your mom in Hot!' So I don't show people that picture anymore. As all of you know I love mi companero.  He's super into football! He's going to play for 'The U' when we get home! He was born in Hawaii but grew up in Tonga so he's real big. And the other group of Elders in our District are cool too! Well at least one is. The one that I like is Elder Shoemaker hahaha yeah, that's his real name. But I call him Elder Zapatos. He's from Washington state. He is super athletic too! Playing basketball with Elder Liavi and Zapatos gets crazy intense. You guys are probably wondering, who is his companion. Well I'll tell you. His name is Elder Washburn. Yes Wash-Burn. He hates sports, hates playing sports and hates girls. And when he talks he sounds just like spongebob. His hobby is playing video games and watching Star Wars. I'm not kidding. But he has a good heart so I'm trying to learn to love him. The 2 hermanas (sisters) in our district are alright. One of them said, and I quote. 'If you are EVER disobedient you will get hit by a car and you will die!' I'm not kidding. She said that because Washburn was 2 minutes late to class. And now Washburn is scared to go to Honduras cause he thinks he's going to get hit by a a car and die. The other hermana is normal. She goes to BYU and played basketball in high school. So that's my district. I love all the Latinos here. All of them call me Elder Ess cause in spanish they don't say their Hs. They love to play basketball with me.  When we play the rules are. They can foul, double dribble and don't have to back court it. But for me I have to follow all the rules.  It's so fun and soo funny! And they all think I'm Lebron James cause I can touch the rim! Well I love you mom and family. If you're ever having a hard day just smile. It's that easy. Remember how God loves you and knows you better than you know yourself. Always have trust in him and his plan. I'll see you in 23 months."

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