Monday, October 20, 2014


So first shout out to the U. Ryan told me that they are in the top 20 and are going to have College Game Day at the U again. Some times I just feel bad for BYU fans. Anyways! I got my new area and comp! Super Huge! My area is unreal big. Literally a 100 times bigger than my last area and I thought my last area was big! The good news is we live right in front of the church! So we don't have to walk 789 miles to go to church activities and what not. This area is in the Mountains. We have to climb and walk uphill all day long! I have a picture down below that shows stairs going up the mountain. This will give you an idea how straight up the mountains are. It's kind of like Brazil in the movie Fast Five. Just houses on top of houses! I thought the heat wouldn't be so bad here because we are kind of high up, but it's exactly same. So that stinks a whole lot. My comp is named Elder Martinez! He is from Mexico! He's super tall too. A lot taller than I am. It's weird cause my other comps looked like Frodo and Bilbo Baggins from Lord of the Rings. He is a super nice guy! He really is a giant Teddy Bear! He talks really weird too. So I feel like my Spanish is struggling:( But It will only help my Spanish so it's actually a good thing! He has 14 months in the Mish and is DL, so that's cool! Oh yeah and my zone has other Americans!!:') I can talk English!! And talk about American Sports!!! Oh my gosh it feels so good to speak in English! The only problem here is that we don't have ANY investigators. Well we have 1. And she is a contact that we contacted the first day here. Everyone says that this is one of the hardest zones in the Mish. But I'm not going to listen to that. I'm in Central America, home of where the Book of Mormon was written, I know there are a lot of people here that are ready for the Gospel! We just have to find them! The house is OK. It's painted green so I feel gross when I'm inside. And we have to shower with a bucket. Which I actually enjoy so that's not a bad thing. We only have water in a little font outside. We can only fill the font at like 10 p.m. cause that's the only time there is running water. I'll send pictures below! We have electric wire surrounding the house for protection. My comp told me I have to touch it before I leave cause it's a tradition. Ya right, I'm not touching anything that hurts worse than those little pens that shock you. I hate those things. Ok so one funny story to end. My first day sleeping in my new house my fan fell on my foot when I was sleeping. The fan was on the end of the bed so it would hit my whole body. The fan is missing the front part which blocks anyone from touching the blades. Ok so at like 3 a.m. the fan fell on my foot. The blades all just whacked my foot. And since it was on full speed all of the blades broke off. There were plastic pieces of the fan all over the room. My foot hurt pretty bad but I'm OK hahaha! Well it's impossible to sleep here without a fan so the next day I went and bought one with the money that I have. It's the size of an apple. I'll send a picture of it too. I love you guys!


Little font with running water once a day

New fan with protective cover (hope it doesn't fall again)

This is my house:) Cool right

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