Wednesday, October 15, 2014


This week was so awesome!! General Conference was unreal!! (I watched it in English) I was the only one... People in the ward would take shifts with me during the session so that I could watch it in English. They had Spanish subtitles so that the Latinos could understand too! I had a room with AC and with a "Rolley chair" So I was living the good life haha! Ok so a lot of things really stuck out to me. But the message that I want to share is the message that our prophet said. In his talk this morning, President Monson invited us to follow in the Savior’s footsteps, to follow in the path He walked. He said that we don’t need to travel to Jerusalem or Galilee to walk in his footsteps, but rather we need to follow His perfect example of love and kindness, of obedience and submissiveness. And he concluded, “His path will take us safely home.” The path is there for all of us. And it is a perfect path. The next thing we need to do is decide if we want to follow it or not. It's not the easiest thing in the world but our Heavenly Father will bless us so much if we do. Not only in this life but for eternity!! That was the thing that really stuck out to me. Ok the the best thing in the world happened this week!! We were knocking doors and we had a feeling that we should back track and knock on a door that we missed. When we knocked a lady answered the door. She instantly said I'm not interested. The next thing I said was. "Cual es su nombre Hermana" she said Dallas. The next thing I asked was who else lives in this house with you. She responded my 2 kids. The second she said that I knew that I had her locked in for a lesson. We talked about her kids for about 5 minutes and she was so happy. We then got to the point in asking her if she knew who we were. She got a mean look on her face and said Jehovah's Witnesses. We told her no we're the "Mormons" then she got a huge smile on her face. She said that she was praying in the morning about what church was true. And a thought came in her head that said "The Mormon Church." We had an amazing lesson with her and she was basically crying the whole time cause she said that God answered her prayers. We have another lesson with her Wednesday so I'm super pumped!

So on Thursday we were walking in the street and we came up on these group of guys. I walked up to them and started to talk. My comp started acting really weird and kept on giving me faces like we needed to go now. I ignored him because I wanted to give these guys a pamphlet cause there were like 10 of them. One of the guys said. You better get out of here right now. I then said OK I just want to leave a little book with you guys before I go. The guy said again NO! And then he flashed the 18 symbol thingy. They were all gangsters hahahahahahaha!!! Not like Gang members in Utah. These guys literally have the police running scared. So that was really funny. So I gave them all a hand shake and said maybe another day. So that happened. I love you all so much!!

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