Monday, November 17, 2014


Alright so I will start off this email by saying Happy Birthday to my Dad and shout out to Tiff for getting engaged!! And for Lexi W for cheering in her first cheer game! Abel cannot get baptized. So he is so awesome. He is 100% converted and wants to get baptized. BUT. It turns out he doesn't live in this area. We just figured that out when we were going to do the baptism interview. He is always at this house because he is best friends with the guy that lives there (that's where we were teaching him). So we called the APs and they said they were going to talk to President Dester. Well the news came back and it turns out we can't baptize him. It has to be the missionaries in his home ward. But guess who is serving in his home ward? Elder Chapeton! My first companion! I thought that was so dang lucky! But when we broke the news to him he was super sad. He wanted one of us to baptize him so bad. He said he is going to wait til' the changes to see if one of us gets transferred to his home ward so that we can baptize him. It's almost impossible but it is possible I guess! But the good news is that he will get baptized and that is all that matters. He said once he is baptized he is going to keep on going to this ward cause he loves it so much! Our ward is pretty sweet:) So that was sad news but in the end all that matters is that he is baptized and makes those sacred covenants with the Lord. Alright so Elder Ririe and I were knocking doors. We had divisions. We came across this one family that is so awesome! We knocked on the door and she was just like "OH come in" we were so confused. I turned to Ririe and said "uh are they members?" Because they were acting so casual. We started talking to them and they just straight up told us that they think our church is true and that they were waiting for us to knock on their door... So I was so dang happy!! They went to church and we have another lesson planned. We are going to talk about the Libro de Mormon and talk about lesson 3 (Baptism). So I'm so excited to get back to that family and start teaching them some more. Today we went to this huge Waterfall for P day! That was Legit. I'll show you guys pictures below!

Love Elder Hess

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