Monday, December 1, 2014


So as most of you know. This was the week that Chandler Webb passed away a year ago. At times throughout I would get upset and just think why did all this happen. I was reading a lot of scriptures to calm me down. I found a lot of scriptures about missionary work in the Spirit World. I know for a fact that Chandler is doing missionary work on the other side. He is making our Heavenly Father very happy right now. I am very proud of him too. I know he is Preaching the Gospel in such a fun loving way:) If he was willing to give his life for this Church I can definitely give up 2 short years for our King.

Ok so this week was good. Not to much happened. Most of our investigators are improving a lot! The only sad thing is that Elder Martinez is probably going to leave this change. Which is really sad:( We had a lot of fun during these last 6 weeks. (Man times goes by so fast) I'm going to share a really funny story that happened this week. So a couple of days ago we were walking back from a lesson and this drunk guy started yelling at us! A lot of crazy things that I can't write haha! But he loved us so much. He kept on telling us that he serves a mission everyday in the Morning at 4. I could not help but laugh the whole time. So we kept on telling him we had to go but he never listened to us haha. So I shook his hand to say goodbye but he would not let go. So I just started to lean back while he held on to my hand. I looked like Michael Jackson doing "the lean" but going backwards. If he would of let go I would of landed straight on my back haha. Martinez honestly was crying he was laughing so hard. So later we asked him if he could take pictures with us so I'll send those all to you guys haha. We were about to take a picture with him and he just fell over!! And when he was on the ground he was just yelling take the picture!! So that will explain the picture when he's on the dirt. So when we finally were about to leave we gave him a a Pamphlet. And he just got so serious and wanted pictures with him and the Pamphlet so I'll send those too hahaha! It was a funny day. And oh man did he smell bad when he hugged me. Ok I got to go But I love you all!!! AND Happy Thanksgiving!!

PS he kept on showing us how much money he had haha. All that money in front of him all adds up to be less than1$

Mitch with the drunk guy!

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