Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas back in the States! They don't really celebrate it down here:( But that's OK cause I made a Christmas count down chain in our house so I can count down the days haha! 10 more days!!! OK so this week went really well! We had a baptism for one of our investigators and had a HUGE church attendance! I was so happy! It was the most people at church that I have ever had! It was awesome! If all goes on the 27th we have a date for like 6 baptisms! SO I am just praying that all of it goes well!! One of our investigators with a date is like 75 years old. She is so funny! She's been to church 4 times now and she really wants to get baptized! Every time she has a lesson she asks "How many days til my baptism" haha! She lives really high up in the mountains and basically lives in a little Hut. Her whole house is less than half the size of my room:( but she is really happy so I guess that's all that matters! Now we just have to get her family too! Her 2 kids live like 1 minute from their house. The lessons with them always go really well but they never go to church:( So it does make me pretty sad. We even go to their house in the morning and they always fake like they are sick or something like that. I think it will help a lot once Victoria is baptized though! (that is the grandma's name) So this week we had a lot of fun too! We cooked dinner for 3 families and painted one of our investigators houses! We painted it like neon orange because it was his favorite color haha! It is so ugly looking but he likes it so that's all that matters I guess! The baptism that we had went really well too! I had the honor to actually baptize her! But that does not matter. All that matters is that she was baptized! A lot of the ward showed up and gave their support. EVERYTHING is going well down here in Good ol Honduras! Still hot but I'm getting a little used to it:) Oh yeah the water went out here, and it is still out. So we can't really take showers and wash our clothes.. SO that kind of stinks. HA who got my Pun! But the rumor is it is going to turn back on tonight so that's the best news ever! Well that will do it for this week! I love you all so much! Merry Christmas!!

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