Tuesday, January 6, 2015


So I had an awesome Christmas. Talking to my Family was the best thing in the whole world haha! Oh man was it hard to hang up.. And I received an awesome package with so many treats! That made me so happy! We had a baptism on the 24th which made it a White Christmas down here in Honduras. It was so great. It was a ward baptism but they had the missionaries run the whole thing. The Mom of the little girl, her name is Nauma, gave us Santa Hats for the pictures so it's a pretty awesome picture. I'll show you down below. So I'm going to explain to everyone how a normal Christmas is down here in Honduras. So I always heard that in South America they light off a ton of Fireworks on the 24th to celebrate. Well I guess it's kind of like that down here. But instead of fireworks all they use is bombs haha! It was honestly the craziest thing ever! It sounded like we were in the middle of "Call of Duty" the video game. Just huge bombs going off left and right!! The Big bombs that they used would actually shake our house. HAHA I honestly could not stop laughing, it is crazy how different this country is than the States. On the 25th everyone was just sleeping all day. Nobody was in the streets the whole day. Oh yeah and all they eat on Christmas is Tamales. I ate like 25 on Christmas Eve hahaha!! I love the food down here so much. Over the Christmas season I had an amazing time sharing my testimony with the people that Jesus is the Christ and that this Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints is the one and only true church on this earth. I'm trying to help people come closer to Christ. Serving the Lord on Christmas was such a great blessing. I wouldn't have had it any other way. So the Spiritual High this week would have to be on Sunday. We have this investigator named Victoria. She's an old lady that WILL get baptized. Well she had dengue the whole week over Christmas and could not leave her house. We asked if she wanted a blessing but she said NO just pray for me please. So on Saturday we passed by her house to see how she was doing and if she could go to Church on Sunday. She was still very sick and couldn't really move cause her body hurt so bad. So Elder Lopez and I thought there was no way she was going to church on Sunday, but at 8:00 a.m. when Church was starting we saw her walk into the sacrament room. PS she lives on a huge hill and it's super hard to climb down from there cause it's all Mud. Even for me. Ok so when we saw her I was shocked. I ran up to her to help her to her seat. I asked her are you feeling better?? She told me NO. But I know God will bless me for coming. She walked a long way down a huge muddy hill in the morning with Dengue just to go to church. She really is a special lady. I can't wait for her baptism. It's going to be a great experience. Well I love all of you so much! Go to Church this Sunday!

Love Elder Hess

White Christmas

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