Saturday, February 21, 2015


Hola! This Email I just want to talk about the area that I'm in. Everyone here is so loving. All the members are finally coming around. They have had a grudge on the missionaries for about 2 years now but they are starting to get trust in them again. We have a dinner appointment every day now which is the best thing ever. The walking is insane.. I walk about 200 hundred thousand miles a day.. The size of this ward is at least the size of our Stake back at home. Actually maybe three of our Stakes. It's massive. It's so hot haha! But I think that everyone knows that. The biggest problem about this area is that on about every corner there is a little church. The names of the Churches are so funny. Like for example "The Little Friends of Christ church" "We Have Missionaries Church" that's my favorite or just "The Church of the Bible of God" HAHA The problem is the people down here just go to the closest church. Which makes it really hard because after a lesson that we have the local Priest will storm over and start saying a bunch of stuff about Jose Smith or things we do in Temple. The missionaries call all of this the Doctrine of the Devil. Cause it really is. This is the only Church in the whole world who the world just attacks. The world doesn't attack the Catholics or the Baptists or any other church. It's just ours. Why is that? It's because this is the one and only Church. The devil is pleased when people are members of other churches because he knows he is keeping them from making sacred ordinances with the Holy Priesthood. Like Baptism. Which are 100% necessary to live with our Heavenly Father again. Only one church on this Planet has the Priesthood to baptize. The Power of God. When Jesus Christ lived he established his Church. The Church of Jesus Christ. He didn't make 1 or 2 or 3 he made his church. The Priesthood keys were restored to the Great Prophet Joseph Smith after the Great Apostasy which the Bible makes very clear to us. Those keys that Joseph Smith had received have been past down in an unbroken line to the Prophet Thomas S. Monson. This is the Church of God. This is Christ's Church. This is the Truth. In all conditions we have the Holy Ghost to guide us. We are so blessed to know this truth. I challenge all of you to Bring your Non Member friends to come to this light that we have. It's 100% necessary for them to live forever and ever in Peace and in the presence of God. I love all of you Guys so much! Have a good week!!

This Guy Is 100% crazy. All he does is scream "look at all the Air Planes at night (All the Stars)!" When ever we see him we tell him to walk with us cause he's so funny!

Some drunk People that call me UTAH. They always hang out in front of Victoria's house!!

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