Monday, February 2, 2015


First shout out to the FOUR TIME Super Bowl World Champion Patriots!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I didn't get to see the game (Obvio) but I heard a little bit of it. I'll tell you guys what happened. We were walking home from dinner to go home and a missionary called me and said "Hey I want you to hear the game winning touchdown by the Seahawks with 30 seconds left." (He knew I was a huge Pats fan) SO he put the phone on speaker and I was just listening. I was so mad cause I thought we were going to lose. Then all I hear (In English) Wilson Drops back INTERCEPTED INTERCEPTED! I dropped the phone and started screaming at the top of my lungs running down the Street. My Comp was just sprinting after me haha! He was just saying Patriots Patriots in a funny Latino accent haha! I was so happy! I honestly couldn't sleep. The Patriots would win the Super Bowl while I'm serving a mission. I'm still so happy. Oh and I called the score SO that's cool. Ok I'll stop talking about this cause it's not important haha.
SO this week was OK. Nobody could go to church because the whole world is sick. This crazy illness is going around and just about half the people in this whole country have it. It's like Dengue but 100x worse. It just makes you feel like you are being burnt and it makes your bones feel like they are just being smashed. Yeah.. OW. So I hope I don't get it. I use a lot of OFF so I think I'll be fine. We are working really hard with this family of four who wants to be baptized but they aren't married. The Lady wants to get married but she is married to another guy who is in the states. SO she has to get a divorce first to get married to her current boyfriend. We fasted for them and I know that in the Lord's time that they will be baptized and sealed in the Temple. That's why I'm here. I know all is possible if we have faith in the Lord. Also this week we went contacting behind that huge mountain that you guys always see in the pictures. We found a lot of new people. They are so poor. They all live in mud houses with no water or electricity. It's so sad. But I know that the Gospel is going to brighten their lives so that makes me so happy. But they couldn't go to church this Sunday because just about all of them were sick with the Dengue type illness so that's sad... But all in all a good week! I love all of you guys so much!!

Love Elder Hess 

PS I saw.. A pillar of light...

"I saw.. A pillar of light..."

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