Saturday, February 21, 2015


Well I have been in this area now for four and a half months which means that I am going to have changes. Which means I'm going to another area. New area new comp new people. It's super sad because I have learned to love this area so dang much. I really don't want to leave. Sister Victoria is one of the most powerful people that live on this whole planet. I would do anything to see her go through the Temple. She is such a good Member of this church. I know that Our Heavenly Father is so happy of her too. What makes it so cool is that I knocked on her door while contacting! I think she will always be my Golden Investigator. I'm also going to miss the Zone. I love all the Elders here so much. Elder Madison, Lyon, Vasquez, Cockrin and others really have become some of my best friends. I actually went on splits with Madsen this week (he is the Zone Leader) and we just had the best time ever. When ever we're with each other I just laugh so hard. He lives in SO JO so I'll see him after the Mish. Well Miguel and Suypa are progressing so fast. We already helped Suypa get a divorce from her old husband and now she's doing her papers to get married to Miguel. WOW.. That means that they will be divorced and married within 5 weeks. That's never happened in this country before hahaha! Their whole family is going to be baptized! They have been converted to the Lords Church. How great is that. The only problem is Miguel has a little Problem with smoking but we are working on it so don't worry!! Well I have to go cause I have to pack to go to my next Area! I love y'all!!!

Love Elder Hess

I don't know if I ever sent these.. But yes. I kissed it.


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