Saturday, April 18, 2015


Hola Guapos! Estoy infermo.... creo que tengo algo se llama Guapisimo! hahah If you understand that it's just a joke. Well I'm living the Copan Dream guys!! It's so cool down here! I love it! I'm starting to get really close to all the members! Which is not that hard cause there are only 35. So something crazy is that I'm the first Counselor in the Branch. I do all the tithing slips, fast offerings, clean the church, sign temple recommends (Yeah..), and have to visit all the members if the bishop says so. The people from the stake came up and gave me a HUGE run down on all the things I have to do. Also, Elder Ola and I were in a lesson and our phone rang and it was a 801 number. I was like ¨Oh my gosh Thomas S. Monson is calling¨ anyways I answered the phone and the church was calling me because I did a transaction that was off by less than a penny. They wanted to make sure that I wasn't stealing anything and that we need to find the money. So I just pulled a little coin out of my pocket that was worth about a penny and made another transaction to make Salt Lake Happy... Yeah, this church does not mess around. It is honestly perfect. I LOVE IT!! Well I'm loving the work down here guys! Oh yeah something that happened that was so funny is that I saw this drunk guy passed out in the street and then all of a sudden two kids ran up to him and started peeing on him hahahhahahaha! I laughed so hard. SO that happened. Well I love you all!! I'll update you on our investigators next week!!

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