Thursday, April 16, 2015


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!!!!!! How old are you Turning?? Nine?? HAHA Ryan and I thought you were eight years old for about half of your life haha! Love you Meg!! Alright so I'm going to start off this Email by saying this place is so dang pretty... Like I feel like I am serving in some little town in Spain. It is so pretty! I have 0 pictures though because my comp also does not have a camera so that's just great. But maybe you guys can just search it on Google. It love it here. There are also 90837 Americans down here on Vacation. So that's super weird haha. I even heard one of them say "Oh my gosh they're down here too" hahaha I thought that was awesome! So where I am serving is everyone's dream area in this mission because it is just such a cool little town. The church is a little house that we go to and there are about 25 members who come on Sundays. The only bad thing is that the work is kind of dead. But were going to see if we can turn that around! Also my comp is awesome! He is from the States so that is super cool! He is from Idaho and loves Sports! SO we have a lot to talk about in the Streets hahaha! Also saying goodbye in my last area was really hard. I was there for six months. It was starting to feel like my home while I was there. But I know that this place here is going to start feeling the same. Also I loved Conference!!! As a missionary you're just glued to the TV like your watching the Super Bowl, or any Jazz game! I loved all of it! Oh yeah and here it's up in the mountains so the weather is so nice!! Like I'm not even Hot!!! WOOOOO! And the best thing ever is that we have Hot water... Yes, I about cried when I first touched the hot water with my hand hahaha! Que Rico. Well I have to go now but I love all of you!!

Love Elder Hess

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