Wednesday, February 17, 2016

ZIKA -_-

Do you guys back in the States know what the ZIKA is?? Well every Honduran in the world has it-_- It's really hard because now nobody will let us in their house because everyone is sick. It's really really sad because it is really affecting the work out here. We're trying to offer prayers inside their houses so that people will let us in but it's not working to great as of right now! We are trying to come up with new ideas to get in the houses though! If any of you guys have any ideas let me know!!:) Well besides the Zika we had an awesome week!! Brother Davis was baptized:):) The service went so well and everyone showed up to support David. He is going to be a future Missionary one day so that's the coolest thing in the whole entire world!!! I can't now wait to see him as a missionary in just a few years! His family invites us over every single day haha!! We usually try to stop by 2 times a week though:) This week we also found two awesome new investigators:) Brother Rigoberto, and Bro Recardo! Both of them are awesome and have very high potential to progress in the church:) I'll keep you updated on them over the next couple of weeks! Well that's about it! I love all of you so much! Thank you all for supporting me 24-7 out here!!! I love you all!!

Love Elder Hess

David's Baptism

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