Thursday, February 18, 2016


Alright so this week was a very long one until the very last lesson that we had on Sunday night:) I think I've already told you guys about Brother Recardo. Well, he's been going to church and has been progressing very very fast! Well this Sunday (yesterday) he decided that he wanted to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be Baptized:) He called us over to his house at 8:30PM because he said that he wanted to talk about some things with us. Well the news was that he wanted to be baptized. He read the Chapter in the Book of Mormon that we left him:) 2 Nephi Chapter 31 (this chapter is a missionary's best friend:) Well he said that if Jesus had the need to be baptized then he definitely had the need to be baptized in Christ's Church. He even set his own date! So on the 27th of this month he is going to be baptized:) He's a 20 year old so the next goal is to get him out on a mission!!! His Mom was baptized over 6 years ago and he FINALLY decided to get baptized:) He is the man!! He always had the best questions. I love it when people are real with us. I'll give a list of good questions people ask us and AWFUL dumb questions people ask us.

The Good
1. How can I know if Jose Smith was a Prophet?
2. Why is this the one and ONLY true church?
3. Who is Jesus Christ to you guys?
4. How can we know what is the one and only true Church?

The Bad -_-
1. If Coffee is a sin so is Coke. 
2. You guys are Jehovah's Witnesses right-_-
3. Didn't Jose Smith have like 68628 wives
4. My Pastor said you guys are from the Devil..

We get dumb comments like those every single day haha! Usually people just do it to make us mad. SO we've learned perfectly how to respond to them now:) Well I am so  excited for Recardo! He is going to be a great member of this Church:) I love him to death! I'll send you guys a picture of him next week!:)

Love y'all, 
Love Elder Hess

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