Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Hi MOM! I want you to know that I did email you. I promise. I feel so bad that you didn't get it. I actually cried a lot cause I felt so bad... But I hope you get this one! So Everything is good! I haven't opened the big suitcase! My companion is good! We get along really well. He said he wants to move in with us haha cause all I talk about is my family! So we got to leave the MTC last week and explore Guatemala! Everyone is so poor... It makes me so sad seeing how people live. And all the teachers said Honduras is 10 times worse.. But I can't wait to serve them and bring them true happiness! 3 weeks down in the MTC! The time is so weird here. I feel like I've been here for 4 years but at the same time it has flown by. So today we went to the temple. It was awesome. The spirit was so strong. Also all the Latinos think I'm the god of basketball haha and I suck at basketball! I thought you would like that! The spanish is coming, it's hard but I know that in time it won't be nothing but a thang! I don't know that much but for the words I do flow when I talk. It's still annoying how everyone thinks I'm a local... They have no mercy when they talk to me. They talk so fast... OH MAN. But it's probably actually a good thing cause I'm learning faster. All my clothes are perfect! They feel awesome! I am by far the most prepared missionary here. All thanks to you! You're the perfect MOM! I hope this email is making sense. I'm typing as fast as I can cause they give us no time! Mom I promise I wrote you last week, I don't know what happened. But I love you so much! Love Mitch PS you should be getting a letter any day now!!!

Mom I want to write you again and say sorry.. I feel so bad you didn't get my email. I love you, the email was big too because it was Mother's Day. I'm sorry. I hope you had the best Mother's Day in the world. I thought about you all day. Literally. Thank you mom. If it wasn't for you I would be so lost in my life. So Again thank you. All the elders think your 28... They think you're so young!!! haha I thought you'd like that! I love you mom. Again I'm sorry.
Love Elder Hess.

Good News Mom, I asked if I could email you again and they gave me permission! So I'm going to go into detail about my week. So on Monday All we did was learn Spanish. I say about 12 hours worth! We learned how to say words in the future and in the past. It's so hard... And on Tuesday was the day that we left the MTC and went on a tour in the city! It was so cool but so sad. All the people here have nothing. But all of them have huge smiles on faces. They don't have anything but they are so happy. And I know that with the gospel they will be the happiest people on the earth! The whole city looks like Haiti.. It's that bad. And everyone said Honduras was 10 times worse. Wednesday was a very spiritual day. My investigator said YES when I challenged him to be baptized! It was so spiritual even though it was fake. It makes me so excited to go to Honduras!! Oh and the whole lesson was in Spanish! ThursdayFriday, and Saturday were all the same basically. All we did was learn Spanish, haha that's basically all we do here! Sunday was a good day. We had a general authority come in and talk to us! He talked about what we need to do as missionaries! He said our whole purpose is to grab our investigator's hand and lift it high in the sky so God can grab it and show them the true gospel. I thought that was so cool. My purpose here is to just bring people closer to Christ so they can have true happiness. And today we went through the temple. It was so amazing. I've memorized everything I have to say!! So I was proud of myself. I went into the temple with some questions and all of them got answered. So it was a really good day. Well I love you so much. I hope you had an awesome Mother's Day. I love you mom.
Love Your son Elder Hess. I love you so Much. Sorry it still wasn't too long. But I love you. 

Guatemala MTC

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