Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Happy Birthday to my little Sister Lexi! WOOO I hope you have the best day ever little SIS! Go eat a lot of American food and sit in an air conditioned room for me:) Hey so I have the best news ever!! THE UTAH JAZZ ARE COMING TO HONDURAS!! JAJA Son Bromas! But I get to stay in Las Flores! The president here made a last second change and is going to let me stay WOOO! I was so excited! I love it here so much! I get to stay with Vasquez! I went to all the members' houses to say good bye. It was so sad and I even cried a little bit. When I returned to say that I didn't have changes all of the investigators just freaked out!! They would all say "What are you doing here!!" All of them were just so happy. So other than that this week was insane. I'll write what happened all within 2 days..

Ok so first we had this lesson with this family that we are going to baptize on the 7th. One of the little girls after the lesson was on a truck while it was backing up and she fell off the back. The wheel was about to run over her and I just started running as fast as I could to save her. I sprinted and just picked her up with one hand and dove out of the way. The parents were crying they were so happy. Just saying thank you Elder Hess thank you. When it was done Vasquez looked at me and said how did you do that. He said that I dove and while I was in the air I grabbed and wrapped her up in my body with one arm haha! So that was a really cool and crazy experience! I think it helped in their conversion process too haha!

2. After we were walking home from dinner one day we saw Pedro, Victoria's son. Dead. He wasn't breathing. He drank way to much liquor. Then randomly he just started breathing again. Elder Vasquez and I carried him home like a mile. Oh yeah and he was 100% naked. We only did it because we love Sister Victoria so much. He's OK now. So that's all good.

3. Some crazy idiot spit on my face. I'm not going to tell the whole story why but he was pissed. He spit on my face and I just screamed "que to pasa!!!" He got in my face and was just talking super fast in Spanish and he said he was going to punch me in the face. I just looked at him and said DO IT. He got in my face and I just started laughing and he finally left. Then he came back and threw water at us. Vasquez when it was all done just looked at me and said I hate this country hahaha!! I laughed so hard. Ok so that was my week.

I love you guys!!

Right as we took this picture the bird crapped on me...

This is a Turkey, I was so scared hahaha

Elder Vasquez and Elder Chapeton

Somebody wrote HESS on this tree... I have no idea who hahaha

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