Thursday, January 29, 2015


WOW this week was honestly so hard. We had to work so hard with our baptism. We went to the house on Tuesday to have a lesson and the first thing they told us is that they didn't want to be baptized. I was so scared and confused. We asked them for like an hour what changed their mind but they wouldn't tell us. Finally they did. The Priest at their old church started to pay them not to go to our church. Yeah I know. So we had to talk to them about how we all need to put God first no matter what, they then said yes. And when we came back the next day they told us no again because the Priest doubled the offer. So we had to go back and do the same lesson. At the end of the lesson they agreed that nothing matters in this world.. The only thing that really matters is trying to return and live with our God again. So we had the baptism! I was so happy! I went first and baptized Jamie and Estaphani. It was amazing! I love sitting in the font watching the rest of the family be baptized after baptizing other people. It was so special. We only had to baptize all of them one time so that's good too haha! That was for sure the highlight of the week. Oh yeah! After the baptism was done all of the family shared their testimonies. The highlight was when the little boy Alan said, I'm really happy because I feel clean. It was special hearing that from one of our investigators. After the baptisms the Bishop gave a talk and he was talking about the Priesthood. He talked about how this is the only Church on this earth that has a list of members on this earth AND in the Heavens. It sounds really cool when you say it in Spanish but not so much in English. It was another awesome week in the Mission. Oh yeah and we dug a 16 yes 16 foot hole for a service project. It was the hardest thing ever and I am so dang tired. My hands were honestly bleeding from digging so much dirt haha! But it was a really good experience! Well I love you all! Keep on Keepin on!!

Love Elder Hess

Baptisms of Jamie, Estaphani and Family

Elder Hess and Elder Vasquez

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