Monday, March 30, 2015


OK so First I want to say two things! First Happy Birthday to Lexi Watts I hope you have the best day ever! 2. My Boy Brandon is AP!!! You are such a great missionary man=)

MMk so this week was SO much better than the last week! We had the amazing experience of baptizing Sister Isabel!! She is 83 years old! After all of this time she finally had the spirit touch her heart! The baptism went so well! We had her grandson baptize her too! Her grandson was inactive for a very long time but after the baptism he is now wanting to go on a mission! So it was kind of a double score!! But the baptism was kind of weird because we had to dunk her about 646 times because her back would not bend because she is so old. So in the end we had to sit her on a chair, fill the font up more and just push her head in. But it wasn't awkward or weird. The spirit was still so strong the whole time! Her whole family came in from all over the Country to see the baptism because her whole family attends the LDS church. The family all gave us hugs and were just crying. They were all so happy! After the baptism one of the daughters said "I am a witness of hundreds of missionaries passing by my mom's house but it looks like the Lord had to send these two boys to have the Spirit finally touch her heart!" When Isabel shared her testimony she was just crying. I was crying too. She just talked about how proud she is of our Savior for keeping her on this earth a little longer to be baptized. (She is really old) She looked at Vasquez and I with tears running down her face and said "thank you to these two young soldiers that finally showed me the truth." She calls me her grandson hahaha! We now eat dinner with her every Wednesday too! She really is the cutest old lady! I don't know if I have told you guys this but when we first passed by for her house Isabel told us "look, you guys can pass by if you want but I am a Catholic and I am going to die a Catholic." But that didn't put us down at all. We just loved her and now she's a member of the Lord's church. One of her granddaughters actually told her "well  it looks like you are going to die a Mormon" hahahaha we all laughed so hard because she told everyone that phrase! Well I love you all! Oh yeah I have changes. I'm going to COPAN! Look it up on the Internet!! It's a super famous place! Oh yeah and I'm going to get my first American Comp! Woooo! Ok well I love you guys!! Adios!!

Love Elder Hess

Elder Hess & Elder Vasquez with Sister Isabel

Baptism of Isabel by her grandson

Too legit

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