Monday, May 18, 2015


OK so I don't have too much time.. but I have a new Comp! His name is Elder Canel and he is from Guatemala! He now has 5 days in the mission so he's just a greenie! But he is really awesome and we seem to be getting along great! Training is always fun! New missionaries always have a really great energy! He is always so excited to leave the door in the morning I love it! This week we ran all over the place! He isn't really used to walking but he will get a hang of it soon haha! We have to stop for water a lot because he says he's dying haha! He makes me laugh a lot. He's a convert of about 4 years ago and has 100%  turned his life around. He's 19 and loves soccer just like every other companion I have had haha! He really wants to learn English! So I am helping him with that during language study! SO this week we had a very cool experience. We had a lesson on the Word of Wisdom with an investigator. We taught the lesson and she said "Well Elders I'll be honest, I was never in life planning on giving up coffee.. but, the spirit has just touched my heart and I promise I'll never drink coffee again." She also said she wanted to get baptized:):) It was my comps first lesson in the mission too. He was so pumped haha! Well I love you all!! Give the missionaries names of people to teach in your wards!! Love you all!!

Love Elder HEss


Average Honduran Street (actually a little nicer than others..)

Our little Church:)

As you can all see I've lost 200 pounds... These two girls have a baptism date for this upcoming Sunday:)

That guy is one of my favorite members (always gives me Pepsi)

I'm really not that tall of a person... lol

My new comp Elder Canel and Hermana Olga!!! I love her to Death!!

Funniest little girl. Her dad in the back is the Man too. MEMBERS:)

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