Wednesday, May 27, 2015


This was such a great week. I'll start off first by saying that Maria and Sobeida were baptized! It was so awesome! My comps first 2 baptisms:) and he only has like 12 days in the mission haha! It was a really big blessing being able to perform the ordinance. It was my first baptism in a Rio. My comp and I were running a little late to the Baptism (we had to do tithing, it was on a Sunday). When we arrived the whole Branch was there and 9 investigators!! They actually kept their promise and went haha! We sang a hymn and had 2 talks. One of the talks was by Sister Olga (the lady who was Baptized 2 weeks ago) it was such a good talk. She even started crying when she started to Testify about the Church. I was so proud of her. Well from there we did the Baptisms. Maria and I went first and everything went perfectly. Then it was Elder Canel's turn hahahahaha! Lets just say Sister Sobeida is a little on the heavy side... and Elder Canel can't do a push up... So when he "Dunked" her he could not get her back up haha! I'm honestly laughing while writing this because I can still just picture it in my head! When she went under he started going under too and the current of the river took him off his feet and he started floating down the river while she was under water haha! He finally got her up and she had no idea what even happened. She was calm the whole time, which is a miracle in this country. The baptism when great, and it was a very special day for Maria, Sobeida, Elder Canel, and I. And for our King who is watching over us. I don't know if I have ever told you all the story of how we first came in contact with Maria and Sobeida so I'll tell it now. We went to go visit Sister Olga to set a baptismal date and when we walked in we saw Maria and Sobeida. They were buying tortillas from Sister Olga. When they saw us they literally started to run for the door so we wouldn't talk to them but Elder Ola and I followed them out to the street and started to talk to them. We set an appointment for the next day (but they gave us a fake address) so we asked Olga if she could show us where they lived. We found the house and gave them a lesson. When we arrived though they told us that they didn't have any time because they had "Work" but we told them that it would only take about 5 minutes of their time. The lesson ended up lasting about 45 minutes because they had so many questions. From there, they were pure Gold and were baptized in 5 weeks. This church is true and I know that Jesus Christ personally directs it. I am so happy to be out here on my mission.

Love Elder Hess

This is Ana. She is special needs but is my favorite person in the World.

Sisters Olga's Kitchen

Making Tortillas

Maria & Sobeida baptism
White White White

The Branch all showed up again:)

Sister Maria in the Water:)

Team Latino;)

Sorry, this is the top view.

I'm really not that tall... The people are just so dang small here ha

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