Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Hola Chikis:) So to start I want to say Happy Birthday to my MOM!! I know it's not til Sunday but its this week SO I have to do the Email now! I love you so much Mom. Te quiero con todo mi corazon y espero que tengas un cumpleanos increible:) Thats just for you Mom:) I don't think anyone else will understand it haha! Also Shout out to America for winning the World Cup and for being the best country on earth. Ok so this week went really well.  Had so many lessons that went just about Perfect:) and had such a crazy Sunday Morning. OK so getting people to church is not an easy thing in the mission. Ask any RM. So on Saturday night from 6 to 8 we went around just reminding our investigators that we have church at 9 the following day. Well just about all them had some lame excuse why they couldn't go. So on Sunday morning before church we went to work so they couldn't have any excuse not to go to Church. So first we woke up at 4:45 to go to work. The first thing we did outside the house was set up this big stand that sells makeup. We had to do that because Sandra (one of our investigators) had to help her Mom set up the stand in the morning. The mom is like 128 years old she couldn't do it by herself. From there we went to Sister Luz House. We had to bring her 10 gallons of water so she could take a shower. That was her excuse. We had to bring the water from our house up this HUGE HILL just to get the water to her. It was the worst thing ever haha. From there we went to Maria's house and cleaned her whole house and locked all her ducks up so they wouldn't run away. That was so hard! Ducks are super fast and bite so flipping hard! Then we went to another Maria's house and made 5 pounds of tortillas. Yes I can make tortillas by hand now. I'll send a video some time. It's pretty cool. But we got all of it done and they ALL went to church WOOOOOOOO!! I was so happy! Sundays are always crazy I love it!!! Well that will just about do it! I'll send you guys a picture of the Hill we climbed to bring the water to the Sister Luz! Oh yeah ran into a Utah Family, they were all members and they went to church as well:) Well Love you guys! I'll see ya next week!

Love El Unico

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