Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Ok so I'll just jump into what happened this week with the "Crazy old Lady." At midnight I was happily sleeping when I heard a HUGE BOOM on the front door.. (It scared me to death because in Honduras you never know if people are shooting other people right outside your house) So I got up super fast and ran to the door. I could only hear screaming. All I heard was ÄBRA LA PUERTA!!!!!!!! (Open The Door) And the person on the other side was running into the door trying to knock it down. Well I was about to die I was so scared I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife we had and opened the door. It was this 100% insane old lady who was "Looking for her Tortillas" Yes that's what she said. She thought that the Tortillas ran away into our house... Well I was still scared and I just told her to leave and she left. But I was watching her outside the window for about 30 minutes. Randomly she just comes running back, picks up a rock and is about to throw it at our window! When I saw her running at the house full speed I literally screamed I was so scared haha! I opened the door and said "Ey Que estas haciendo!!!! Largo De Aqui!!!" (Hey what are you doing!!!! Get out of here!! She dropped the Rock and just looked at me and started walking at me... I picked up the knife to try to scare her away but she kept coming.. During all of this my comp was just in the back ground praying haha. So I dropped the knife and was getting ready just to tackle her and call the Police but she randomly stopped and said "Ï know where my Tortillas are" and left. I ended up staying up til 4:30 in the morning watching the window making sure she didn't come back... She never did.. But I got a picture of her when she was walking away. She really was the scariest looking person I have ever seen.. But on a spiritual note things are going awesome in the work! We have some big Plans this next week so I hope they all fall through!!! I love you Guys!!

Love Elder Hess

PS I have a lot of pictures this week because I didn't send any last week:)

Going to Zone Meeting

My boy Vasquez.. He just went home :(


Sister Sandra

Sister Maria

The psycho old Lady:( How scary looking is this Picture.

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