Tuesday, July 21, 2015


WOW! So this week was so awesome! Every single day this week I went to bed with a huge smile on my face:):) The Highlights of the week were for sure the Baptisms of the Hna. Sandra and the Hna. Maria. I'm just going to tell you all a little about them. Ok so first, Sister Maria. She's 72 years old and has a HUGE testimony of Jesus Christ. She lives about 3 seconds from our house. HAHA right in front of the house actually! She has lived in that house for years and NO missionary has ever contacted her. They have all talked with her but no one ever taught her anything about the Gospel. When we asked her when we could stop by to visit her she was caught off guard. She said "You guys want to teach me?" We just told her of course!!! Because all of the other missionaries never taught her. Well she is my Favorite Person her in Honduras. She makes me laugh so dang hard it's a joke hahaha! Every word she says puts a smile on my face. So about 5 days ago (Before her Baptism) she was VERY sick. We stopped by and she was actually crying. I felt so bad. We were talking to her and she looked at us and she said "Elders I think I'm going to die soon" it was so hard to hear. I just sat there with a tear running down my face. And then she looked at us again and said "But I will die a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ. I will not miss my Baptism this Saturday." Her testimony is so strong and I love her to death. She claims that she is going to talk to President Dester and pay him so that I don't ever have changes hahaha! I love her. And for Sister Sandra. Well I'll just start off by saying that she has been an Atheist her whole life. She had 0 faith in God or in Jesus Christ. The first time we contacted her she said some very mean things to us that I can't write over this Email hahaha! But we did some service for her so that she would let us teach her (that's the secret to have people listen to you). There was no water passing by her house at this time so we offered to do some service and she accepted. We ended up bringing her 65 gallons of water. In one day. It took us 6 hours in the morning. And we had to hike up that HUGE hill that I always talk about. And we did it all by hand. I was so tired that I was going to Die haha! But she listened to us the next day so it was all worth it. For about 4 weeks all we taught her about was that God is our Father in Heaven, that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and that the Holy Ghost can guide us in all things. The lessons were all so simple. We never had to teach her that the Book of Mormon was "Also" the word of God. We just taught her that The Book of Mormon and the Bible were Scripture. When we taught her about Jose Smith she never had one doubt that he was a Prophet of God. Because as she says "It all makes Perfect sense" Without Prophets God does nothing. (Amos 3.7) And that's all she needed to hear. Well with a little time Sister Sandra was baptized. She may not have a huge knowledge about the scriptures or the teachings of Modern day Prophets, but she has a testimony that God lives and that Jesus Is our Savior and that this is the Church that Jesus formed over 2000 years ago. She is such a strong member and I know that she is only going to get stronger. Well I'll wrap things up now. I testify that this Church is true. I know it with all my heart. I know that God is our Father. We are his Children. Jesus is the Christ, and because of him we all have the chance to live with Our God after this life. I love this Church. It has blessed me in so many ways I can't describe it. I love you guys so much! 

Love Elder Hess

Sister Maria and Sister Sandra

Copan Branch

Helping Sister Maria get down to the river

Clean:) (without sin)

Helping Sister Maria

Oh yeah and today we went to the Ruins for Pday

We Killed two Chickens for Dinner. Don't get sick.

They told me to cut its heads off.. So I did.

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