Saturday, August 29, 2015


Hey Guys! SO We had another great week! We found a man named Carlos! He is an older man but he is amazing. We found him one day in the street, it was night time so he actually looked pretty scary to talk to haha! I didn't want to talk to him because only the Crazy people are outside at night time.. But the Spirit told us to go over to him and contact him. We asked him where he lived and he just said ¨come here tomorrow at this time and I'll be waiting here.¨ So as a missionary everyone knows he's not actually going to show up.. But we went to the spot the next day at 7 PM and he was there waiting!! Well we actually showed up 20 minutes late and he was still waiting! The lesson went great, the spirit was so strong. We invited him to Church and he showed up the next Sunday. During one of the classes he told the teacher that he wanted to be baptized.... Yeah. I was going crazy I was so happy! He is pure GOLD!  I can't wait to keep on teaching him! He is so humble and he always has REAL questions. I love it so much when people ask us real questions!!! He is great and I really do love him. Also the Family Goozman went to church too!!! The whole family! They seemed to love it. We have a lesson with them tonight (Noche de Hogar) so I'm excited for that! Things are going great! I love you guys!!

Little Member

Elder Ola

Elder Chapeton

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