Saturday, August 29, 2015


Well this was a good week! Starting to get to know the area better and all the Members! Which isn't that hard cause there's only 12.. HAHA but its great! So this week we found an amazing family.. I'll tell you guys a little about our first lesson. So I was on division with this kid in my area named Elder Pocock (From Ogden) his mom actually went to our stake for some reason and took a picture of my missionary picture thing and sent it to him to see if he knew who I was! Small world right! Anyways, we went out to contact at 10:00 and in about an hour in we found them. It is a family of 5 and they could be golden. When we first met her she got super excited and told us to come in. (the MOM) She said "I've always wanted to know more about your church." Well the spirit told us that we should talk about Families. So that's exactly what we did. For about 30 we just talked about families and how they really can be together forever. To finish the lesson we sang the hymn "Las Familias Pueden ser Eternas." During the hymn I couldn't help but cry. That hymn means a lot to me. I think just about all of you know why. But as we sang that hymn the Spirit just took control and everyone could feel that these things were true and that God loves us and that This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And that we are members of his church. It was a special moment for me in my mission. They went to church on Sunday too, and they loved it! Well that's about it for this week! Everyone help the missionaries in your wards! Give them FOOD!!

Love Elder Hess

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