Saturday, September 19, 2015


Alright so I had an awesome week! But something awful happened. I'll start off with the good news first:) So.. Sister Elcisa got baptized! It was such a shock! We've been passing by her house for 6 weeks now. She has always gone to Church, but... Always rejected being Baptized. So we actually stopped passing by for a little bit. Then last Monday we passed by and gave her some homework. We told her to read 3 Nephi 11. When Jesus Christ came here to the Americas. Well I can't remember exactly, but Christ himself mentions the word baptism around 20 times in one chapter, and the importance of it. Well we stopped buy again on Wednesday and we wanted to set another baptismal date with her on the 26 of September. When we told her that she said "NO." I was just sitting there like "Why doesn't she feel this?" But the next thing she said was "I want to be Baptized this Saturday." I was blown away! I was so happy! I actually went over to her got on my knees and asked her "Sister how did you get your response that these things were true?" She said "I felt that the Book of Mormon was true while I read Chapter 11 in the Book of Mormon." How awesome is that!!!!! I was so excited! Her baptism went great! A lot of people showed up and she was glowing during the whole service!!!! So that was for sure the highlight of my week! OK... And for the bad news. Mom, you might want to sit down. So, on my camera I had over 1,100 pictures.. Well a little girl (13 years old) Deleted ALL of my Pictures. I just about died. But I've sent all the good pictures home already so its OK Mom:) But yeah. HAHAHA but it was a great week! I do have a picture of the Baptism though!:) (Because we retook it the next day in Church haha) I love you Guys!!!!!!

Love Elder Hess

Sister Elcisa

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