Wednesday, September 30, 2015


So this past week I got to go visit Las Flores! One of my old areas! Also my Favorite area! We had to teach the Stake President and all of the Bishops in the Stake. Yeah I was stressed. Anyways it was in Las Flores at 2:00 p.m. When I walked in all of the members were still there. They all just screamed "HESS!!!" It put a really big smile on my face. I saw all of the converts that we had and ALL of them were active with callings! That was such a big blessing to see! I also saw the Hermana Wendy!! The Lady who visited our house! I took some Pics with her so I'll send those to you guys! So a fast update on the Guzman family! They are getting married! Last Tuesday they sold 55 Baleadas. They  raised over 1000 Limps just to get married! The goal is to get them married on the 17th of Ocotber and to have them get baptized the next day! So awesome! Oh yeah so I have a new Comp! His name is Elder Paredes! He is super cool! We get a long great! And he is a work horse! So it's really fun to be with him! He is from Guatemala and has 22 months in the mission. He loves soccer just like the rest of em and has big plans in life! He is the man! I love you guys! I'll send you all some pictures!

All the Food they made to sell:)

 Hermana Wendy

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