Thursday, September 10, 2015


SO this week was hard but everything turned out perfectly at the end:) So Carlos is doing great! He has a Baptismal date in 3 weeks! He has to repent for some things but he's 100% awesome:) He was so sad that he could not get baptized this Saturday. At the end of the lesson (when we told him he had to wait) he told us that he wants to give the Prayer in front of everyone at sacrament meeting! 3 weeks ago he was way to scared to even pray in front of us!! He is progressing so fast it's amazing! He also went to church and gave all the members hand shakes with us haha I love him so much. The Goozman Fam is doing great! They all went to church and Liseth even invited her sister to come! Now she wants to listen to us!!!! I LOVE THIS AREA!!! I feel like it was yesterday that I knocked on their door to contact them:) And now I've known them for 4 weeks! This week we found some awesome new people as well:) I hope they all progress like Carlos did hahaha! I love this Obra. Es la Obra mas importante en el Mundo. I love y'all!!

Love Elder Hess

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