Thursday, October 22, 2015


Well this weekend we contacted a ton! For like 5 hours a day.. We are trying to find a whole new group of people to teach! I am feeling good about it! We found someone who is very prepared to listen to our message. He went to church and loved it! He wants to get baptized! So I am very excited about that! He was actually a referral! His brother called us over and started off, the first lesson went great! After the lesson when we were walking out of the house the brother who is a member came running out to us and said Elders Wait. He stopped us and gave us both a huge bear hug. With tears in his eyes he said "Elders Thank you so much for sharing your message with my brother. You two are going to change his life for all of eternity!" It was a very touching moment for me. I loved it. It made me realize how we should treat every investigator that we have. We are all children of God. And we are all very important. Well that was the Highlight of my week! I love you guys!!!!

Love Elder Hess

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