Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Alright so this Change has now come to an end.. Which means that Elder Toolson and I are going to have to split up:( I'm going to be getting a new companion tomorrow. This will also be my last companion, so I am praying that he is a good one. Elder Toolson and I worked our backs off for 6 weeks straight. We gave it our all. We contacted for about 6 hours a day every single day. The people in San Pedro Sula are a little harder to teach. But that's OK:) Because Elder Toolson and I had an amazing experience yesterday. We were out contacting like normal and we came across this one house with a green door. Before we knocked on the door, I looked at E. Toolson and told him "Im feeling really good about this house." Well, this Lady named Cilvia. We talked to her for a little and she let us in her house. She lives with her Brother and her cousin. They were all so excited to listen to us. So what they told us was that the day before they had been talking about how they need to start going to a Church because they needed to act more on the faith that they had. Well we gave them a lesson about the Restoration. They all loved it and they told us that they were going to go to Church this upcoming Sunday! We also set another lesson with them this Wednesday:) I am so excited to go back! They really were the nicest people on the planet! Also that was the last contact that Elder Toolson and I did together! It was late and we had another lesson. It is so weird how God works. We had been working as hard as we could for 6 weeks straight and on the very last door we knocked on was the house that we needed to go to. I learned a very big lesson after that. We might not understand why things happen. But in the end God has a plan for us. A perfect plan. And if we keep on doing what we are suppose to. If we keep on following our Savior. God will ALWAYS bless us. I know this work is true and I know that God is the Author of the great Plan of Salvation. I love this Church and I sure Love my Mission. I love you guys. I hope everyone remembers to "CTR" this week:) 

Love Elder Hess

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