Tuesday, January 19, 2016


So in San Pedro Sula it is hard to find new people to teach. Because most of the people in the city are hard core catholic. Elder Toolson and I have been contacting a lot and it hasn't been working that well.. SO now we are working with all the Members so that they can give us references! So far it has been working! SO we are all really excited! This week I had the chance to go on divisions with a guy named Elder Cerros! He's from Australia:) I had a really good time with him! HAHA he always says a lot of bad words in English because he said in Australia it's not swearing haha! When he said the first swear word I just looked at him and said "Are you serious?" HAHA and he told me that everyone always gets mad at him but in Australia it's a normal word HAHA! Well we ended up finding a couple of people to teach but no one said we could go back:( But the highlight of the week was Angel:) He is a 45 year old man who is very interested in the Gospel and says he's going to church next Sunday!!!! We found him on Sunday! He said that it makes sense that Christ would come here to the Americas:) So  we are off to a really good start! He is the type of guy that could be a future bishop here in the ward!!:) We are going to work as hard as we can so that he can get baptized as soon as possible!!:) Well I have to go now I love you Guys!!!

Love Elder Hess

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