Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Alright so I had a crazy week........... I couldn't really leave because MS13 was on one. The Police killed 4 of their members so MS13 sent out a notice saying that they were going to kill anyone they saw in the street just to get back at the police. They also killed 40 plus people on a bus on Thursday. So that's crazy! We were working at like 7:30 and everyone was screaming at us to go home because MS was coming haha! We just ran to the nearest member's house to hide for a little bit. Big Joe has our back though so I'm not scared at all;) We couldn't leave for a little bit just to be safe. Also our member were sent to jail for killing a taxi driver. He was cool:( (well I thought he was cool). Also this week we should have two baptisms! So I'm excited! This Country is insane haha!!!! I love it:) All the Members of the Church are really cool! I love them all! They don't have much in their lives but they have the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that is everything! God always protects them as well! I love you guys!!!!

Love Elder Hess

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