Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Where did this week go! During the week it feels so slow but after it's done I realize how fast it was! So I had a good week. Elder Chapeton is staying one more transfer whoooo. I was pretty scared when they announced the transfers that he would leave. So I'll have another 6 weeks with him. This week we had a goal to try to find a LOT more investigators, because a lot of the investigators we have now are slowing down and losing a lot of interest. Its super sad. I don't know why but Elder Chape has been really down lately. Ever since the last P day. I think something is going on back at his home, but he won't tell me. He keeps on saying oh I'm fine. So remember to keep him in your prayers! Thursday was an awesome day! Well it didn't start off awesome. So from when we left the house until about 5, almost all of our investigators said "Oh I'm so sorry can we reschedule? I'm really busy." It was so frustrating. But after another family said "I can't today" Elder Chape and I decided to say a prayer in the street. Asking for guidance and what we should do next. About 18 seconds later this lady comes up to us and says "Excuse me, you guys are from the Mormon church right?" We said yes and explained what exactly we do as missionaries. She was so excited and asked if we could have a lesson with her and her family on this upcoming Tuesday. So we are so pumped for that! And we also have a pretty good idea on what we should teach her. So tomorrow should be a good day. That same experience happened twice that night. But the other was with a really old women. She actually seemed a little crazy and I think she was on something. But she walked up to us just like Marta. That's the name of the woman who walked up to us. So we have some potential with her too haha. All in all we had a good week. Even though some of our investigators are losing interest the others are exploding with interest. Ok so a funny story that happened. We were at this house with a new investigator and we asked if we could have an opening prayer. They said yes of course and right when I started praying the grandma in the family just started screaming Hallelujah!!! Praise Him!!! PRAISE HIM!!!! Literally screaming. I was so scared! Well after I finished my prayer she kept on going. Screaming all kinds of crazy stuff haha. I didn't know what to do so I just kept my head down and let her finish. And when she was finished  Elder Chape and I said Amen. We literally had no idea what was going on. Anyways that was really funny and that family is actually making a lot of progress! We just have to teach them how to pray! Well I love you guys! I'll see you next week!

Love Elder HESS

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