Wednesday, July 16, 2014


So this week was pretty good. All of our investigators went to church and progressed a lot this week. We also had a Baptism, his name is Coto. He's been raised in the church his whole life but asked if Elder Chape could baptize him! It was really special to Elder Chape because Coto doesn't have a Dad. He looks up to missionaries a lot. I'm pretty close with him too because his mom cooks lunch for us everyday, so we're with him a lot. The baptism went well because Chape only had to dunk him once. LOL. Ok so Antonio is doing so awesome! He's actually 9 years old. I don't know why I said he was 12 in the last email. Anyways, he is so interested in the Book of Mormon! He told us he wants to read the whole book by the end of the year, and he's only nine. We always give him a little scripture to read and  he always ends up reading the whole chapter or more! I wish all of our investigators were like this. But he's ready for baptism, his big day is this Saturday! I can't wait for that day to come. He also asked us when he could serve a mission like us. He already wants to be a missionary, how cool is that!

Mmmk so on Wednesday in the morning, probably around 7, I was putting on my tie when I saw THE WORLD'S BIGGEST FREAKING SPIDER!!! Yes... In my house !0_O I'll have a picture below. I honestly screamed like a girl when I saw it. Elder Chape thought I was dying when he heard me haha! So we got a lighter and some lysol and torched the thing, but that didn't kill it. I'm not kidding this thing was like Superman's son. After a quick prayer we ended up smashing it with a broom, but even that took like 10 tries. So that was a fun/scary experience. So Sunday. First, after church Elder Chape and I were knocking doors. We went to this one house and some old man answered the door. He was so friendly! Until I told him I was from the USA. He started yelling AAAAHHHH LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE, YOU'RE GONNA KILL ME YOU'RE GONNA KILL ME!!! Elder Chape calmed him down a little bit and said Elder Hess is a good person he's not going to kill anyone. But the man refused to believe I was safe. He claimed that I had a chip in my head and the CIA was controlling me and that I was going to kill everyone and take over Honduras. So he was a no go. Later that day we had a meeting with this lady and her son. She asked where I was from and instantly I thought "ah crap here we go" I said the USA. She jumped out of her seat and grabbed these pictures that were on the table. It was a picture of this 14 year old girl. She asked do you think she's cute? I said yeah she's a cute little girl. She looked like a child. She then left the room and brought back the girl in the picture and then the mom said "Will you marry my daughter?" yeah really awkward. I didn't even respond Elder Chape just said, we have to go. So that was so weird and on the way home from her house a gay man started to hit on me.. Trying to touch me and stuff. So we had to run away from him too. So that was Sunday hahaha. I hope all you guys had a little better Sunday than I did ha. 
Everything is well here in Honduras, I hope everything is well back home. I love you all.

Love Elder Hess

And my camera is dead... so crap.

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