Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Had an awesome week! I can't believe its P day again. These weeks fly by so fast. But the days really do feel like years. So I feel like all of our investigators improved a lot this week! But not so much Antonio. Turns out he loves to bible bash. It was so frustrating when he started pulling out all these random scriptures in the bible to try to prove us wrong. But we shared our testimony with him and left on a high note! I feel like that's all you can do in a situation like that. Just share your testimony and leave. But probably the highlight of my week was finding a new family to teach! They are so funny and love that I'm from the States! We have only had one lesson with them but I feel like it went really well! They really wanted us to return for another! There are four girls in the family, all under 10 and all of them know just a little bit of English. Like probably 15 words. But they absolutely love talking to me in English. They'll ask a million questions, how do you say this, how do you say that haha! It's a good time! Their name is Sabinon. Weird name. But I really hope we can convert this family, I feel like they would fit in so well in the ward! And the fact that their souls are on the line. HAHAHA oh man that sounded really weird. This week we have transfers and there is a little chance that Chapeton is going to be transferred. I really hope he doesn't. We are such good friends and work really hard together. But whatever happens happens. Honestly I don't think he will cause I still don't know this area perfect. And I think my President knows that because nobody can memorize one area in 6 weeks. I just hope in this next transfer an American or somebody who knows English gets transferred to my zone. I'm the only American in my whole zone! But it's really good for my Spanish! I feel like I'm improving really fast now that I got the basics down! So something kinda crazy happened this week. We were with an investigator when we heard this really loud car coming down the road. I thought nothing of it but our investigator yelled get in the house!! And we all ran in the house. I asked what was happening and she just said, whenever you hear that sound hide. I asked why and she just said because that's one of the leaders of MS. So kinda scary but pretty cool too hahaha. Well I love you all!! I'll talk to you again next week!

Hey Mom!! I'm learning spanish by speaking it 24/7 and for studying 1 hour a day with this HUGE spanish book that I have. I feel like my spanish improved a lot this week! I always feel good! Just tired. But it would be weird if I wasn't! My weight is dropping cause I'm losing a lot of muscle. And yes I'm working out haha, it's just impossible without the weights that I used at the LC. I'm happy everyone is doing good! I love you mom! Chat with me if you can! I feel like my spanish jumped a lot this week! So that's really good! I LOVE you mommy! I pray for you everyday!

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